Monday, March 19, 2018

Raw & Uncut Youtube Series: Behind The Scenes Of Starting An Online Boutique

So I'll admit that I've been in a bit of a rut these past few months. 

In this rut I still managed to create some amazing opportunities like painting so many pretty faces for Formal and starting an online boutique again. 

Which is why I only feel extreme gratitude for the rut. 

One thing this did teach me was the power of being brutally honest. 

Telling the pure truth is so so so powerful. 

It's a gamer changer. Why? Because people hardly do it. 

So I decided that on this Online Boutique journey I would be honest. 

When I first started up "Luna Isle" - the name of my little venture - I expressed to the people that followed my personal Facebook account that I would be honest. 

That I would give a behind the scenes of my journey.

But I wasn't honest and I didn't do that. 

Times have changed now and I am more ready than ever to share my journey. More than ready to express my truth on a platform that not only reaches people I know but people I also don't 

My entire experience and behind the scenes info will now be recorded and uploaded in Vlog style videos for my Youtube channel. 

So if like me you like being a little busy body and want to know how those online boutiques run, then sister I have exactly what you need.

I'm going to share my ups and my downs, where I get my stock, how I operate, where I make my banners and even the basics on how to begin. 

Why am I doing this?

Because sharing is just as powerful as being truthful. If more people shared and stopped fearing being taken over then the world would be in an abundance of information and the tools for success would be right there for us to grab. 

So buckle up, because this series is going to be super juicy!

Want to check it out? 

Want to follow my Luna Isle journey? 


P.S. If these raw & uncut videos are your thing then stay tuned because I have a whole heap of behind the scenes content planned. It's time to be more honest & open!

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