Friday, June 8, 2018

A Blog Post I Never Thought I Would Write ...

A lady came up to me and held my hand yesterday. 

I didn't know her. 

I'd never seen her before either. 

She held my hand though and she looked me dead in the eye as she said "please promise me that in this life you will only do what makes you happy. Do not stay if you are not happy"

These words ring in my ears still. 

How did that lady know that what she said was exactly what I needed to hear?

Life has a funny way of showing you the truth when you're doubting your whole existence. 

I know that I brought that lady to me, and what she said was exactly what I needed to hear. 

I'd say 95% of the population are living a life that does not fulfil them. 

Hell, I've been living a life that does not fulfil me. 

We do what we do because it's comfortable. 

It's easy.

It's all we've ever known.

If you'd told me a year ago that my life would turn out how it's turned out right now, I'd laugh at you.

I would laugh and laugh and laugh until I passed out. 


Because I thought my life path was set in stone. 

I thought "this is it. this is my journey and I love it"

But I was wrong.

Today as I write this I have woken up feeling alive.

Yesterday I didn't.

Or the day before that.

You see for the past 7 years I've been doing my life in a certain kind of way with a certain kind of person by my side.

Being in a relationship changes a lot.

You do things for the both of you and you forget what you actually want sometimes.

But now, as my life path has changed, I'm left to work out what the hell I actually want.

And how the hell I'm meant to do it on my own. 

I remember watching movies when I was a little girl about heartbreak and I could never understand the complexity of it.

I just thought you break up and the next day you wake up and you're fine.

Well now that I'm in the middle of heartbreak myself I see how truly soul shaking it is.

I also see how fucking important it is to choose yourself.

If something is not making you happy, leave. 

I don't mean just pack up and fuck off, but seriously have the shit conversation that you don't want to have. 

Rip off the bandaid. 

Because a life half lived is a life not lived at all. 

Is it scary?

Fuck yeah. I have never felt so anxious and scared in my life as I have this past week.

But if you don't rise up to the challenge and really focus on your own happiness and seeing the good in every situation no matter how hard it is, it will eat you alive. 

My point: stop for a second and ask yourself - is this what I really want? Am I doing this because it makes me happy or because it's what I'm used to? Am I doing this for me? 

I feel like in school we're not taught ANYTHING about how to be the most amazing, strong and powerful versions of ourselves.

We don't get taught about relationships and we sure as hell don't get taught about heartbreak and how to pick yourself back up. 

This is why learning about all these things has benefited me so much. 

Because now, even though yesterday was a really shit day, I have the ability to make today amazing. 

I have the ability to write this post. 

I have the ability to let even one of you out there know that you will be okay.

That you are strong enough.

And that doing what makes you happy is the most important thing you could ever do.

We all have so much untapped power within us. 

It just takes some really tough times to make us realise it. 


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