Monday, June 19, 2017

A New Kardashian Make Up Line?? Say Whaaatt!!

Okay so there was serious breaking news a few days ago. 

As we anxiously waited for Kylie Jenner's Vacation Collection (which I completely missed and forgot about), Kim K dropped the biggest bomb shell on us. 

That she would be releasing .... wait for it ... 


No I'm not talking about a collaboration with sissy Kylie or another well known brand. 

I'm talking about her own KKW make up brand 

Yes, Kimmy will be following in Kylie's footsteps and donning a stunning hair net for numerous snapchat and Instagram photos I'm sure. 

Should we expect a sell out? Possibly

But for now, lets release the deets. 

This line is a little different and I'm not too sure how well it sits with me. 

Forget Kylie's super cute colourful packaging, Kim has gone for all nudes (no pun intended) and simplicity. 

Her first release - a creme contour 'kit' - features a dark nude zip lock style bag, donning a light nude "KKW" on the front and ingredients list on the back, with 2 pens and a double ended makeup brush/sponge applicator.

Each pen contains 2 shades, one on either side. The first is the concealer and highlighter pen which has a highlight shade and a light concealer shade. The second is a contour pen which has a light contour shade and a dark bronzer shade.

Each kit features different shades on each side of the pen and there are 4 kits in total: 

1. Light
2. Medium
3. Dark
4. Deep

Here's a shot of the shades in each kit that Kim uploaded to her Instagram:

When can we expect them to drop? 9am PST on the 21.06. 

And how much? A whopping $48

I'm not sure how sold I am on them but I might grab them to do a review. So stay tuned my honey bees!


PS I also just released another Kim Video. I know I know. Again you say? Well, Make Up By Mario posted a throw back to the reverse smokey eye look he did for Kim at the Cannes Film Festival and I had to create an inspired look. Check it out here if you're interested: 

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