Sunday, May 14, 2017

Youtube Beauty Junkies, This One Is For You!

So I guess you could say I spend a decent amount of time on Youtube. 

Okay maybe more like 99% of my life. 

But hey, if I know Youtubers better than my family members, that's not a problem right?? 

Just kidding. 

But in all seriousness I do love a daily dose of Youtube videos 

Especially the beauty guru ones. 

So today, I've rallied together 5 of my current favourite videos that were released within the week. 

I may do a post like this every week or I may change it to monthly. 

Honestly who knows! 

So, before this goes on for any longer than necessary here they are: 

1. Bora Bora | Vlog: Tammy Hembrow
If you are obsessed with Tammy and obsessed with beautiful tropical islands with perfect sand, crystal blue water, amazing boats, amazing overwater bungalows ...... anyway, you get my drift. This video is a magical experience.

2. Boyfriend Buys My Makeup: Shani Grimmond
I love Shani's videos regardless of what is happening in them. She could be screwing in a lightbulb for heavens sakes and I'd still be obsessed. Plus I love her boyfriend too and seeing him buy her makeup is just too cute.

3. $2500 Ultra Drugstore Haul!: Jeffree Star
Jefree always knows how to make an entrance on Youtube and this video is no different. If you'd like to see what one buys with nearly $3400 AUD in a DRUGSTORE makeup playground, then buckle up girlfriend because you're in for a treat.

4. Massive PR Unboxing | New Free Makeup For Beauty Gurus
I think I literally smile throughout every single one of Laura's videos. Seriously though if you've never watched her, go to her channel immediately. Im obsessed with this video though because well who doesn't like free makeup? Plus I kinda love the sound of make up being opened. Is that weird??

5. Reacting To My First Ever Youtube Video: Michael Finch
THANKQQQQQ Michael for creating this video. I will honestly never ever ever ever ever ever get over the sayings or the language used in this video. It's honestly just too much.

So my little Youtube Beauty junkies, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully I'll be doing these more regularly if you guys are enjoying them so stay tuned!!

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