Sunday, January 22, 2017

Drumroll Please.... I Made A Youtube Video + A Little Kick Ass Inspo

I can't believe that I'm finally typing this. 

I. Made. A. Youtube. Video 

You're probably all thinking "WTF is this gal on about? Is it really that hard to make a video?" 

Answer: No. But was it a challenge, yes. 

My dream of making Youtube videos started about 2 years ago. 

I was in a dark place, living away from  home and had no idea who I was or how to go after my dreams. 

I remember going to bed every night and visualising my Youtube channel growing to over 2,000,000 subscribers and it excited me so much. 

But at that point in time, I wasn't ready for it. So the idea stayed on the back burner as just a "dream" and I plodded along with my life. 

Last year in about August, I finally purchased my ring light. Then in November, I added my 2 soft box lights to the family. 

They sat in my room under my bed gathering dust until 1 day I decided to do a "practice" film. 

It was then that I knew that filming videos was something I was definitely passionate about. 

So on that fateful day, I took my pennies and I purchased the camera that I had been admiring for months and months. And boy did it feel so good. 

Then one day I just decided to go for it. I set up the lights and my camera and got all my make up goodies and just started filming. 

It felt amazing. 

It's crazy to think that I now have a video live on Youtube. I know it will take time to grow my channel but I'm so excited by it all that I don't mind. I've got all the time in the world, and this time round I also believe in myself. 

I know I can do this. And if I can do it, so can you. 

If you have a dream of doing something outside of the box, take this post as a kick in the butt to get it going. 

Be patient though. It took me 2 years to be ready to start conquering this dream. I had to get my head on straight and learn more about myself. 

But don't ever think for a second that your dream is beyond you. You CAN achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. You also have to be prepared for the journey. You have to enjoy the journey, love every minute of it and always take the lessons that come from the road bumps along the way. 

If achieving success was easy, everyone would be successful. 

So to all my soul sisters out there, chase those dreams and take charge. 

You have so much potential & power! 

I believe in you xo 

P.S. If anyone reading this decides to take charge or is already taking charge of their dream, I'd love to know what it is. Pop it into the comment box down below! 

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