Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Flew To The Other Side Of The World Just To See Kim Kardashian Have Her Make Up Done ...

Image credit: @makeupbymario instagram

Yes you read that correctly. 

The other side of the world. 

No, not the other side of Australia.

I wish. 


AKA a 30 hour total travel time 

AKA have I lost my mind???? 

Quite possibly.

I honestly don't know anymore.

Even as I write this I think my body is still geographically confused. I mean where the hell even am I anymore? 

Anyway lets take this back a little bit. To a time where the jet lag had come to an end and my life felt slightly more sane. 

It was August 19th (well 20th for the other side of the world) and it was a beautiful day... 

* insert drone footage of blue skies, buzzing cities and smiling faces * 

I actually don't have any drone footage but come on ladies, use your imagination! 

Anyway, back to it. It was August 19th and it was D day. 

I had been waiting since April for this day. 

No I wasn't getting married.

No I wasn't graduating university. 

I was seeing Kim Kardashian have her make up done. 

Yes I, Monique, flew half-way across the world to see Kim Kardashian have her make up done.

Now you're probably thinking "what the hell is wrong with you. dont you have anything better to do?" 

Ummmmm no not really.

 Plus come on, this is a once in a life time thing! Who else can say that they've seen Kim in the raw flesh have her make up done.

No one!

Well maybe not no one. There were other people there besides me sadly. 

Okay so now that I've set the scene I'm going to give you my complete 100% honest review of the event. Im going to go into all the juicy details and fill you in on what this event was really like. 

Sit back, grab a cocktail (yes I understand it's the morning but who cares) and relax.

Ladies it's time to spill the tea 

The Nitty Gritty Deets

Okay so I'm going to quickly run you through the semi boring stuff like the price, location e.t.c of everything. 

Price: $758.16 AUD (I bought the general admission as VIP had sold out)

Location: Playstation Theatre, NYC

Time: 10am Registration, Doors Open 11am

Length: 5 hours with a meal break

The Experience (Slightly censored for those who do want to go to an event)

So where to begin? 

Well, registration was meant to begin at 10am sharp so we were told that we had to be there before then so that everyone could be registered and seated for an 11am sharp start. 

I was actually having a really tough morning and had planned to be at the meeting point before 9am but had a meltdown and only managed to get there at 9:45. 

Was I prepared for what I saw when I arrived?


As you may already know, I dedicated like 8 hours of my time for Kimmy's husband when his Life Of Pablo pop up came to Australia.

That was the only time I will ever do that.

That was until I saw the general admission line and realised that I would have to do it again. 

But don't stress everyone.

I was a seasoned expert at lining up for hours, so I had packed food, water and even worn some extremely decent shoes. The other girls in the line, however, were not prepared for this so they had not brought any water or food and most were wearing 6inch heels and tight dresses.

By the end of it I think they had given up on judging me for my choice of footwear and instead envied me. 

Long story short, registration was meant to start at 10am so we could all be in by 11am. This did not happen. 

The line grew so massively that we took up a whole block and then wound around the corner for nearly another block.

It was like being an animal in a zoo. Every man, woman, old lady, old man, dog, cat and taxi driver filmed us, asked us questions and laughed at us. 

Did we get into the venue at 11am? No. 

We were still in our original positions at 11am minus a few penguin shuffle steps forward. 

By the time we round around the other side of the block and made it to security it was 11:45am and the 11am sharp start time was long gone.

Once we got through security, dodged the 4500 people taking selfies in the foyer, headed down the escalator and got inside the theatre, it was then a rat race to find a spare seat with a good view. 

Prior to going in I imagined having to sit right at the back with binoculars.

This didn't happen.

The theatre itself was actually smaller than I realised which meant that even the back of the back had a decent view to Kim that wasn't 23 million miles away. 

The best part about attending the seminar solo? Getting a seat.

Everyone was either in pairs of groups which left A LOT of empty single seats. I managed to score a seat 2 rows back from where the VIP section started and had an awesome view of the stage, Kimmy & Mario. 

Once we were all seated and Mario finally came out, it was around 12:10pm which was an hour later than the original start time. 

Mario introduced himself and then *yay* introduced Kimmy out onto the stage.

It was so crazy to see them both in the flesh. I honestly had to pinch myself like a million times to make sure that this was real. 

The set up was great and enabled everyone to see. They had 2 TVs on the roof of the theatre and then one massive screen on the stage.

The only annoying part was that Kim was tucked away off to the side. So in order to actually see her have her make up done, the screen was your only option. 

I found this a little frustrating and felt for the VIPs as they couldn't even watch first hand. Hopefully next time they set it up so that we can see Kim on the screen and in real life. 

The whole process was great. Mario explained all the products and gave us blow by blow descriptions of the products and what he was doing and taught us all some really great tips that left us going "oh yeah".

It was also beginner friendly which I found quite refreshing because not everyone out there is experienced with make up. 

VIP was also given the opportunity to ask questions along the way and some general admissions got to as well. I liked that they allowed this to happen however after a while it got a little frustrating. 

Not everyone paid attention like most of us, so questions were being asked on topics we'd already covered which made the audience react in an annoyed way and made Mario lose his train of concentration. 

I think my only criticism of the question part would be to really limit the questions or have a "question time" here and there. Mario kept trying to explain things to us whilst people were talking over the top of him and then he wouldn't tell us the product he was using or the technique because he was too busy trying to answer all the questions. 

And I know you're all dying to know, was Kim nice? Was she mean? Was she stuck up? 

Kim was honestly lovely.

I went in not knowing what to expect from her. I mean I grew up in my later years watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and loving her but then I slowly grew away from the TV show and what they were all about. 

But she was so nice. She was great with the audience. Every question was answered in depth and even the silly questions she took on really well and didn't give any attitude or sass. 

The seminar lasted 5 hours but because we were so late in, it got pushed from a 4pm end time to a just after 5pm end time. Mario captivated me nearly the whole time however towards the end I started getting fidgety and ready to go. 

I mean I know we had like a 45minute break but seriously, watching 1 make up look for 5 hours was a little bit tiring.

I normally dont even dedicate myself to a 22minute youtube tutorial.

I'm just not about that life! 

A lot of people towards the end started leaving before he was finished and I wish I had done that too because the lines to get out of the theatre were crazy. They had the whole of general admission leaving through 1 set of doors and closed off access to the 2 other side doors. I thought this was the silliest thing ever but oh well. 

Once we got out of the doors we were handed our goodie bags and certificate and off we rode into the sunset!

Image credit: @makeupbymario instagram

The Giveaway Goodies

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but the first Masterclass Mario held with Kim a few years ago left General Admission leaving with only a certificate of completion. This Masterclass with Kim was the first one where General admission actually got a goodie bad AND a certificate.  

And thank goodness we did! Because $760 for 1 ticket to an event, where we don't even get a photo taken with Kim, is a lot of money. And if I wasn't walking away with something ... girl I would have brought the house down.

Well maybe not. I was actually quite tired so maybe I would have thought about it for a few days and then acted on it later on. 

Anyway, we got a goodie bag. And it was a lot bigger than I expected! I thought considering it was only a "small" goodie bag, we did get a little spoilt. I mean for a $760 I would have liked more, but I'm not complaining.  And if this was the size of General Admission, how much did VIP get (super jelly). 

Here's the low down on what I found in my goodie bag: 

- KKW Contour & Highlight Sticks 'Medium'
- Olly Goodbye Stress Gummies 
- Olly Vibrant Skin Gummies 
- Limited Edition Pink Tie-Dye Beauty Blender 
- Laura Mercier Face Illuminator 'Indiscretion'
- Kiss New York Pore Minimising Bamboo Sheet Mask 
- Battington Silk Lashes 'Kennedy' 
- Kiss New York Matte Liquid Lip 'Nude Cameo' 
- Kiss New York Matte Liquid Lip 'Peanut Brittle' 
- RickyCare Backstage Blotting Papers 
- RickyCare Backstage Travel Cleansing Wipes 
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio 'Pool Party' 
- RickyCare No-Crease Clips 
- RickyCare Konjac Cleansing Sponge 
- Kiss New York Single Eyeshadow '24K' 
- Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
- Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour 'Sandglow' 
- Bioderma Hydrabio Serum 
- Bioderma Sebium Mat Control 
- LAX Stardust Lollipop 

Image credit: @teaseandmakeup instagram

There were actually some decent things inside. And the cool part was that some of the items in there were items Mario played around with on the day. Which meant that I got to walk away knowing exactly how he uses that product on Kim and try it for myself. 

My 100% Honest Opinion

Would I go to another one of these events? 

Probably not. 

I feel so blessed for being able to fly to New York and attend such a crazy amazing event however it didn't ring my bell. 

I thought the general operation of the event was a little messy and we waited way too long outside. I get that we were general admission but having paid $760 for a ticket, I expected to be treated a little better. 

Was the ticket price worth it? 

Not really. 

For $760 I expected a few different make up looks and not just one. I get that Mario went into depth on how he does certain things, and I did honestly learn a lot, but I just didn't really feel the value for money. And if we were only getting one look, then we should have at least gotten a bigger beauty bag or at least group shots with Kim. 

You don't realise it when you're at the event but once you walk away you're like "hey, I actually spent $760 on this. Like that's a crazy amount of money!" and then you question if you really got $760 worth of value. And honestly, I don't feel like I did. 

All in all though I did have an amazing time! It was such an amazing experience and not very many people can say they flew all the way to New York City to see Kim Kardashian have her make up done. 

I am so so blessed and grateful that I got to experience this. 

Hopefully you guys got something out of this super long blog post. If you have any questions about the event please ask them down below and I'll be happy to answer them :) 


Monday, June 19, 2017

A New Kardashian Make Up Line?? Say Whaaatt!!

Okay so there was serious breaking news a few days ago. 

As we anxiously waited for Kylie Jenner's Vacation Collection (which I completely missed and forgot about), Kim K dropped the biggest bomb shell on us. 

That she would be releasing .... wait for it ... 


No I'm not talking about a collaboration with sissy Kylie or another well known brand. 

I'm talking about her own KKW make up brand 

Yes, Kimmy will be following in Kylie's footsteps and donning a stunning hair net for numerous snapchat and Instagram photos I'm sure. 

Should we expect a sell out? Possibly

But for now, lets release the deets. 

This line is a little different and I'm not too sure how well it sits with me. 

Forget Kylie's super cute colourful packaging, Kim has gone for all nudes (no pun intended) and simplicity. 

Her first release - a creme contour 'kit' - features a dark nude zip lock style bag, donning a light nude "KKW" on the front and ingredients list on the back, with 2 pens and a double ended makeup brush/sponge applicator.

Each pen contains 2 shades, one on either side. The first is the concealer and highlighter pen which has a highlight shade and a light concealer shade. The second is a contour pen which has a light contour shade and a dark bronzer shade.

Each kit features different shades on each side of the pen and there are 4 kits in total: 

1. Light
2. Medium
3. Dark
4. Deep

Here's a shot of the shades in each kit that Kim uploaded to her Instagram:

When can we expect them to drop? 9am PST on the 21.06. 

And how much? A whopping $48

I'm not sure how sold I am on them but I might grab them to do a review. So stay tuned my honey bees!


PS I also just released another Kim Video. I know I know. Again you say? Well, Make Up By Mario posted a throw back to the reverse smokey eye look he did for Kim at the Cannes Film Festival and I had to create an inspired look. Check it out here if you're interested: 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Kim Kardashian Designed My Prom Make Up Look .... Say What?!?

"Just add bronzer. And a little bit of nude lipstick. Oh and some blinding highlight. But only a touch"

That's all Kim Kardashian wanted to whisper to me? 

Are you serious???

How about her secrets behind her success? 

Or maybe the code to her safe? 

And then my alarm sounded, waking me from yet another dream where I had the pleasure of running into someone famous. 

Seriously, what is my life coming to? 

Anyway, before my family decides to throw me in the loony bin, there was a moment of clarity that came from this. 

My Youtube video drought had finally been pulled to a standstill. 

The heavens had opened and down had poured another Kardashian sister. 

Kim had given me exactly what I needed.

And that is how I created this killer Pretty In Pink, Bronze, Glowy Prom/Formal tutorial. 

Who cares if you don't have a Prom or Formal coming up? 

I never once questioned my intentions as I drove to get sushi shortly after filming this. Yes I was wearing a matching blue tracksuit with socks and Adidas slides but no there were no shits given. 

Maybe I was a famous dancer about to go and kill it in front of millions. 

Or maybe I was just hungry. 

At that point I don't think even I knew what I was. 

Anyway, this tutorial is super amazing if you do have something fun coming up like a Prom or Formal. It's super easy and it's super girly too. 

Pair it with your hair down or up, who cares. Just remember to rock you girl. 

Here's a breakdown of the products I used and as per usual a pretty picture to highlight just how amazing it was. 


1. Josie Maran Argan Oil (hydration in seconds = heaven)

2. Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Iluminiser (AKA lit from within glow) 

3. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in 'Sand' (think airbrushed skin) 

4. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer 'Fair Neutral' (bye bye "I watched Netflix all night")  

5. RCMA Transluscent Powder (the only thing I'll bake with, and no I don't mean a cake) 

6. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (Bahamas in a compact) 

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit 'Sundipped' (disco ball in one swipe) 

8. Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea 'Marine Boosting 4 in 1 Mist' (the only thing more refreshing then a glass of OJ after a big night out)


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz in 'Dark Brown' (think Kimmy K brows in a pencil) 

2. Misslyn Eyebrow Gel Shade '3' (even if a hurricane hit, these bad boys wouldn't move) 

3. Born This Way Concealer 'Very Fair' (need sharp eyebrows? look no further)

4. NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (still not sure how it works, but it's NARS so who cares?)

5. Urban Decay Naked Concealer in 'Fair/Neutral' (yes my eyelids are naturally perfect) 

6. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette (tastes and smells like peaches. and no I did not lick it!)

7. Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals 'Rose Gold Retro' (the next best thing since sliced bread)

8. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (the name says it all. Sorry boo) 

9. Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lashes in "#11 Samantha" (big eyes, means big brain right?) 


1. Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint 'Pillowtalk' (if only Zayn came free with this liquid lip) 

2. Model Co Gloss 'Striptease' (plump lips? yes please) 

If you want to stay up to date with all my Kardashian fiascos, then feel free to hit that big red subscribe button. You can also keep up to date on my Instagram @moniqueglasby 

Peace and love 


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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Youtube Beauty Junkies, This One Is For You!

So I guess you could say I spend a decent amount of time on Youtube. 

Okay maybe more like 99% of my life. 

But hey, if I know Youtubers better than my family members, that's not a problem right?? 

Just kidding. 

But in all seriousness I do love a daily dose of Youtube videos 

Especially the beauty guru ones. 

So today, I've rallied together 5 of my current favourite videos that were released within the week. 

I may do a post like this every week or I may change it to monthly. 

Honestly who knows! 

So, before this goes on for any longer than necessary here they are: 

1. Bora Bora | Vlog: Tammy Hembrow
If you are obsessed with Tammy and obsessed with beautiful tropical islands with perfect sand, crystal blue water, amazing boats, amazing overwater bungalows ...... anyway, you get my drift. This video is a magical experience.

2. Boyfriend Buys My Makeup: Shani Grimmond
I love Shani's videos regardless of what is happening in them. She could be screwing in a lightbulb for heavens sakes and I'd still be obsessed. Plus I love her boyfriend too and seeing him buy her makeup is just too cute.

3. $2500 Ultra Drugstore Haul!: Jeffree Star
Jefree always knows how to make an entrance on Youtube and this video is no different. If you'd like to see what one buys with nearly $3400 AUD in a DRUGSTORE makeup playground, then buckle up girlfriend because you're in for a treat.

4. Massive PR Unboxing | New Free Makeup For Beauty Gurus
I think I literally smile throughout every single one of Laura's videos. Seriously though if you've never watched her, go to her channel immediately. Im obsessed with this video though because well who doesn't like free makeup? Plus I kinda love the sound of make up being opened. Is that weird??

5. Reacting To My First Ever Youtube Video: Michael Finch
THANKQQQQQ Michael for creating this video. I will honestly never ever ever ever ever ever get over the sayings or the language used in this video. It's honestly just too much.

So my little Youtube Beauty junkies, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully I'll be doing these more regularly if you guys are enjoying them so stay tuned!!

Also if you'd like to show my Youtube Channel some support, I would love that more than a free shop in Mecca xo

Click Here:

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Monday, May 8, 2017

So Like I May Or May Not Be Khloé Kardashian's Twin Sister

Okay so maybe the heading was a tad over the top. 

Well, okay maybe really over the top. 

But hey I think I have a similar hair line to her so that means something right? 


Maybe not. 

Well now this is super awkward. 

Anyway, lets get back on track. 

Where was I? 

Khloé Kardashian and me ..... 

Oh yeah. 

So some of you know already that I created a Youtube channel. 

If you didn't then check out my previous post on my top tips for starting a channel here.

And one fateful day I was scrolling through Khloé's Instagram (totally not stalking her okay. I mean a post from 3 months ago isn't in stalker territory, right? Well unless your mum tries to zoom in. Then someone may call the police, because damn you just got caught) and came across a killer photo of her and realised, "hey, why don't I turn myself into a long lost Kardashian sister and try and take over the world?" 

See photo. 

Well, I may not have taken over the world but I sure did have fun creating Khloe's signature look. 

I'm talking bronzy, glowy, nude lip, big lashes type look. 

A " I just woke up in the Bahamas with skin as smooth as a new borns and naturally long and thick lashes that make me look like an Amazonian goddess" look. 

If you want to check out the video click here: 

But for now here's a breakdown of some of the amazing products I used to recreate her look. 


1. Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Iluminiser (AKA heaven in a bottle) 

2. Mario Badescue Rose Water Spray (the most perfect 'wake me up' spray) 

3. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in 'Sand' (think airbrushed skin) 

4. Born This Way Concealer in 'Light' (bye bye under eye bags) 

5. LA Girl Pro Conceal in 'Beautiful Bronze' (holiday glow in a tube) 

6. RCMA Transluscent Powder (the only thing I'll bake with, and no I don't mean a cake) 

7. LA Girl Blush Collection in 'Spice' (no crazy $$$ involved) 

8. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (the only edible bronzer I'll try) 

9. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush (this pink flush is natural okay!) 

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (girl pack your glasses, this highlight poppin) 


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz in 'Dark Brown' (think Kimmy K brows in a pencil) 

2. Misslyn Eyebrow Gel Shade '3' (even if a hurricane hit, these bad boys wouldn't move) 

3. Urban Decay Naked Concealer in 'Fair/Neutral' (yes my eyelids are naturally perfect) 

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (no the hype was not a lie. I sleep with this palette under my pillow) 

5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (the name says it all. Sorry boo) 

6. Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lashes in "#11 Samantha" (big eyes, means big brain right?) 


1. Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liner in 'Dolce K' (hello big lips and delicious cupcake smells) 

2. Dose Of Colours Lipgloss in 'Undressed' (the perfect nude. and no not that. get your head out of the gutter) 

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Peace and love 


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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Eeep. ... I Started A Youtube Channel!

It all began with the binge watching of make up tutorials. 

And then suddenly, I was a Youtube obsessed Demon. 

For as long as I can remember I've kept up to date with the likes of Lauren Curtis, Shani Grimmond, Desi Perkins, Patrick Starrr, Jefree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, Make Up By Michael Finch & Chloe Morello. (Just to name a few). 

I've watched them grow, watched them laugh, watched them cry and watched them perform facial expressions I didn't even know were possible. (Yes Shani & Michael, I'm talking about you). 

But whilst I've been watching their every move, I've also been secretly envisioning my moves. 

So on that fateful day when I clicked "confirm order" on eBay, I decided that I would tackle my Youtube dream. 

The ring light came first. 

Then the soft boxes. 

Then I took a break from Youtube for a little while. 

I talked myself out of it, didn't make time for it & just kinda gave up on myself. 

Trying something new is always scary. We learn to ride a bike on 4 wheels first. We learn how to swim by dipping our toes in the water and getting a feel. 

I just had to dip my toes in and get a feel. 

And that's what I did. 

I set up my camera in my room and did a practice shoot. No lights, nothing. Just me, my make up and my camera. 

It was shocking. The lighting was off, my camera was below par (sorry MacBook) and you couldn't make out my nose from my eyeballs. 

But I felt like it was right. 

So then I took over my sisters old room and set my lights up. 

But what camera to use?? 

This was the big problem. See my parents had a Cannon 70D however I didn't like the picture quality or the way it showed the make up, and there were waaaaaay too many buttons for me to work out how to change that. 

I did some scrolling through other Youtubers channels and came across the Sony A5000. It's amazing. 

Yes it's a vlogging camera but for me, it's my favourite. 

So for a few weeks, I saved my pennies and finally bought it. 

Now my set up was complete. 

My first video was a failure. I absolutely hated it. I felt like I had such high standards from watching other Youtubers that it had to be perfect. 

But what is perfect? 

No one is perfect. Perfection is boring. So I kept striding on. 

Video 2 was amazing. My best one yet. It was actually the first video on my channel - the Olive Smokey Eye with the Violet Voss Palette. 

I taught myself how to edit and how to also make it short enough to be supported on Instagram. 

The challenge of finding the right music came next, but thanks to copyright free Youtube channels that provide free music for a small fee (a shout out in your description), I found my jam. 

It hasn't been an easy journey. I filmed 2 more videos after this one and hated them both. 

Was I being too critical? Yes. But that's okay. It's a great learning lesson for me. 

My Valentine's Day tutorial is my favourite video yet. I actually only have 4 on my channel at the moment, so it's not like I'm picking from millions. 

Want to take a look at my channel? Click the link here

It was so crazy being able to see myself on Youtube.

At first I was so embarrassed. I released the video on a day when I didn't have to be at work and I made sure no one on my Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat following knew about it. 

I wanted it to be a secret because I didn't want people to talk. 

But then I realised - why hide my truth? This is who I am and who I want to be. 

Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow wanting to be a gardener or a world renowned chef. But for right now, this is my passion. This is me. 

So I shared it with my family and friends. It was so so crazy. But it set my soul alight. 

People I hadn't spoken to in ages reached out to congratulate me.

Even if I hadn't received support or praise, I would have been so happy. 

I am doing what I love to do, and if it feels right to me and I'm happy, then thats all that matters. 

If you have a dream, go for it. Don't wait for it to come to you. 

And remember - you are your biggest support. You don't need 1000 likes or 5,000,000 subscribers. If it feels good and it's fun, that's the greatest thing in the world! 


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Drumroll Please.... I Made A Youtube Video + A Little Kick Ass Inspo

I can't believe that I'm finally typing this. 

I. Made. A. Youtube. Video 

You're probably all thinking "WTF is this gal on about? Is it really that hard to make a video?" 

Answer: No. But was it a challenge, yes. 

My dream of making Youtube videos started about 2 years ago. 

I was in a dark place, living away from  home and had no idea who I was or how to go after my dreams. 

I remember going to bed every night and visualising my Youtube channel growing to over 2,000,000 subscribers and it excited me so much. 

But at that point in time, I wasn't ready for it. So the idea stayed on the back burner as just a "dream" and I plodded along with my life. 

Last year in about August, I finally purchased my ring light. Then in November, I added my 2 soft box lights to the family. 

They sat in my room under my bed gathering dust until 1 day I decided to do a "practice" film. 

It was then that I knew that filming videos was something I was definitely passionate about. 

So on that fateful day, I took my pennies and I purchased the camera that I had been admiring for months and months. And boy did it feel so good. 

Then one day I just decided to go for it. I set up the lights and my camera and got all my make up goodies and just started filming. 

It felt amazing. 

It's crazy to think that I now have a video live on Youtube. I know it will take time to grow my channel but I'm so excited by it all that I don't mind. I've got all the time in the world, and this time round I also believe in myself. 

I know I can do this. And if I can do it, so can you. 

If you have a dream of doing something outside of the box, take this post as a kick in the butt to get it going. 

Be patient though. It took me 2 years to be ready to start conquering this dream. I had to get my head on straight and learn more about myself. 

But don't ever think for a second that your dream is beyond you. You CAN achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. You also have to be prepared for the journey. You have to enjoy the journey, love every minute of it and always take the lessons that come from the road bumps along the way. 

If achieving success was easy, everyone would be successful. 

So to all my soul sisters out there, chase those dreams and take charge. 

You have so much potential & power! 

I believe in you xo 

P.S. If anyone reading this decides to take charge or is already taking charge of their dream, I'd love to know what it is. Pop it into the comment box down below! 
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