Friday, February 12, 2016

Gimme Your Glow : Hailey Baldwin

I've said it once & I'll say it again. 

Strobing. Highlighting. Whatever you call it. 

The practice of leaving fairy dust all over your face = heavenly. 

Don't feel like wearing make up? Add some highlighter 

Don't feel like contouring? Add some highlighter 

Don't feel like doing homework? Add some highlighter. 


Highlighting solves all your problems. 

On the topic of highlighting & glow-y skin, today's make up muse is the one and only Hailey Baldwin AKA the girl that killed anyones chances at ever stealing Justin Bieb's heart / breaking into his house & pretending to be his girlfriend. 

Yes ladies, this is her. 

Now before you go all green-eyed monster on me, just bare with me a second. 

This look that she rocked recently is one that needs to be filed away in your 'must have make-up looks' bank and kept for like ... EVERY occasion. 

It's Gigi meets Mexican Señorita. 

So much bronze skin. So much highlight. 

I've been through Sephora's website with a fine toothed comb & found everything you need to make this look yours. 

And I mean everything. 

This make up recreation starts with the skin care must haves and ends with the lips & includes every little bit in between.  

Enjoy my fairy dust loving friends. 

P.S. All photos are linked to their exact location

Skin Prep
- Toner: Moisture Prep Toning Lotion - Benefit 
- Moisturiser: Daily Essentials Balancing Face Moisturiser - Balance Me 

The Base
- Pre Primer: Shimmering Skin Perfector - Becca 
Primer: Backlit Priming Filter - Becca 
- Foundation: Maifanshi Aqua Foundation - Koh Gen Do 

To Conceal
- Colour Correcting: Coloured Clay CC Undereye Corrector - Tarte 

- Brightening: Studio Secret Instant Brightening Concealer - Luscious Cosmetics 

To Set
- Baking The Eyes: Super Matte Loose Powder (Banana) - Make Up Forever 
- Setting The Face: Perfect Skin Mineral Powder - Becca 

The Eyebrows 
- Pencil: Brow Wiz - Anastasia Beverley Hills 
- Gel: Gimme Brow - Benefit 

The Highlight 
- Liquid: High Beam - Benefit 
- Powder: Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured (Moonstone) - Becca 
The Bronzed Glow 
- Cream: The Sculptor Amazonian Clay Contouring - Tarte 

- Powder: Hoola Bronzer - Benefit 

The Eyes
- Primer: Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer - Benefit 

- Eyeshadow: En Taupe Palette - Zoeva 

- Mascara: Lights, Camera, Splashes - Tarte 

The Lips
- Pencil: (P)outliner Longwear Lip Liner Pencil (Nudeist) - Marc Jacobs 

- Lipstick: Luminous Créme Lipstick (Retsina) - Bite Beauty 


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Sunday, February 7, 2016

So You Want To Start An Online Fashion Boutique?

Okay so before I begin, I feel like I should start with a little intro. 

Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth ... 

No I'm just kidding. 

But seriously let's take it back 2 years. 

2 years ago I was a Macquarie University Student studying my Bachelor of Education so I could become a teacher.  

And I hated it. 

One fateful day whilst roaming the streets of Surry Hills (in Sydney, Australia for any people lucky enough to be reading this overseas) trying to find a car park, I came across a store that said no public walk-ins. 

This confused me. Why the hell didn't a store want people walking in to buy things? 

That's when I realised the whole street was trade only. AKA you need a business & yes you have to buy in bulk (as much as I loved the denim shorts, buying the same style in 4 different sizes did not float my boat). 

That's the day I decided to run my own online clothing boutique.

Fast forward 2 years & I've recently sold my online boutique & moved on. 

However I learnt a lot about how to make your first business start up a successful one. How? Because I failed many times. And I learnt a shit load from every failure.

"They say smart people learn from their mistakes but they say really smart people learn from the mistakes of others"

I will teach you what not to do & what you should be doing instead. 

I've been through everything. From gruelling organisation of the photo-shoots, to the outfit planning and buying to the extensive marketing to the constant trips to the post office to send 4 billion orders off. 

You name it. I did it. And boy did I love it. 

For me it came down to the fact that I wasn't in love with the idea anymore. So I made a smart decision - I sold the business to a girl who knew this was her dream. 

That's when I realised how much of a thrill I got from helping people achieve their dream. 

For me, knowing that girl was able to be given a kick start meant everything. 

So I thought, why not help everyone else. 

If owning an online boutique is your thing then I'm going to get you there! 

I've decided to start up a coaching course with packages for girls out there wanting to start up an online boutique. 

For the fashion boutique entrepreneurs, this ones for you! 

I've created some absolutely kick ass content that will get your business foundation laid perfectly. 

From photographer names to model names to top suppliers to how you can get your business out there

These packages are not to be missed! 

If you want to be some of the first people to access this content and get a kick start then make sure you leave your email address down below! 

I'll even be doing one on one Skype coaching sessions where you can ask as many questions as you want from the comfort of your own home if you're not ready to go with the packages just yet! (or couch, or coffee shop or Instagram worthy cafe). 

So gal friends, it's finally time I give back to you all! I'm so excited to get started. 

So for everyone who wants to start up an online boutique, pop your email address in down below. You'll also be the first to find out when the courses are available.

So if you want to get your hands on all this top secret info, remember it's first in best dressed! There are limits on how many people I can take on board, so if you're ready - do not hesitate! 


P.S. enter your email down below & if you purchase a package, I'll throw in an overview of my expenses for the year to show you what not to do!

PPS. I've also got coaching courses in the pipe line for aspiring bloggers & self-help gurus. So anyone interested in those fields or for anyone who scored that on their quiz ... keep your eyes peeled! (Did I say quiz? Yes I did. Take the quiz here to find out what business you should start up)

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