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10 Must Have Sold Out Make Up Items & How To Get Them

Each month brings with it a whole heap of new make up products.

Each month also brings with it a huge list of make up must haves.

Sometimes our excitement for a new make up item is so strong it feels as though jelly beans may start popping out of our eyeballs.

We get so excited that we take the rest of the year off, buy a bed that operates as a kitchen and a toilet as well, and go into hibernation for the next 75 years.

That is until we see the dreaded "sold out".

Now if you're like "why the hell are you saying 'we'?" then I take it you've never felt like this.

Because my soul sisters around the world who have had this feeling will definitely understand why we must stand united on this issue.

Sold out products are a huge no no.

They make our Too Faced make up hearts melt, and cause even the waterproof Better Than Sex Mascara to run.

But have no fear.

Even though I am listing 10 of the current and constantly sold out make up items, I am also listing some tips on how to score them.

Prepare your battle stations & put down your Pokemon games.

The Make Up Race starts now!

1. Morphe 35O Palette
The loved Morphe 35O palette is sold out 99% of the time. And when it's not, it takes some serious computer skills to buy it. 

2. Kylie Jenner Lip Kits 
Like a flick of a rubber band, these highly sought after lip products are released and sold out within an instant. Kylie has tried her best to make all shades available for longer than 30minutes however  Candy K, Skylie, Freedom, King K, Reign, Heir, KMajesty and all new glosses are all currently sold out. 

3. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick 
I won't name every shade that's sold out as I'll end up naming the entire collection. These bad boys are nearly as popular as the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. 

4. Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette
Ahh Violet Voss. The next best thing since sliced bread (LOL I just had to drop that in). This palette has literally been sold out since it launched, and if you don't own it - you should. 

5. Jeffree Star Skin Frosts
Like his Liquid Lipsticks, all 4 shades are still sold out and yet to return. Not even 3rd party websites could keep them in stock for long. 

6. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
I don't think even Too Faced predicted how successful this palette would be. Too Faced sold out almost immediately along with all 3rd party websites including Mecca (Australia) who sold out even after another restock! 

7. Tarte Grav3yard Girl Palette
Nearly as popular as the Sweet Peach Palette, the Grav3yard Girl Palette proved to be a massive hit. And like with any make up hit, the 'Sold Out' sign didn't take too long to make an appearance.

8. Morphe 35F Palette
The Morphe palettes take a certain type of skill to attain especially when it's raved about by Beauty Gurus including the gorgeous Nikkie Tutorials. Like the 35O, this palette finds itself back on the Morphe site and then gone before you can say "snatched". 

9. Colourpop Highlighters: Hippo, Stole The Show & Golden Child 
Ahh Jeffree Star. We have you to blame (or thank if you're Colourpop's owners) for the selling out of 3 of their most beautiful highlighters. Jeffree Star took to Snapchat & expressed his love for these 3 shades and shortly after they vanished from the internet. 

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators: So Hollywood & Starlight
One minute they were there and the next they were gone with the only traces remaining being the 4 x the price ones you can find on eBay. If you're a highlighter addict, then these Illuminators are the next level. 

My Top Tips On How To Get Them: 

- Follow TrendMood on Instagram: this Instagram account posts sneak peaks of all the new upcoming Make Up products, upcoming Make Up Sales & restocks of sold out items 

- Follow the sold out product brands Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat accounts: more often then not, the brands will release information on a restock or answer any restock questions on their social media accounts 

- Sign up for updates: most brand websites & 3rd party websites have email opt-ins for each sold out item or a newsletter that contains up coming restock information 

- Keep your eyes peeled for giveaways on popular Instagram channels: when the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits & Too Faced Sweet Peach Palettes sold out, Instagram accounts that either had a large following or wanted to increase their following, posted giveaways of these products open to their followers 

- Set 4,000,000 alarms: be prepared for restocks. Jeffree Star & Kylie Jenner fans do not fool around. They are normally on the sites prior to the release time 

- FBI stalk Google: if you have been to the darkest corners of the earth and still can't find any restock information, then it's time to FBI stalk the shit out of Google. Googling "restock information for ______" will allow you to search through blogs and online sites around the world that may hold the key information 

- Check well-known 3rd party Make Up sellers: if you can't find the product in stock on the brands site, then try some other well known and trusted 3rd party sites e.g. Ulta, Beauty Bay, Beauty Lish, Mecca, Sephora 

- Follow 3rd party Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages: if the brands' social media pages hold no answers, then try looking at the 3rd party sites that also sell what you're looking for 


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