Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How To Successfully Score A Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Ahh the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. 

The creators of the world wide breakout of anxiety, numerous aggressive breakdowns, the overusing of the refresh button & mass internet browsing. 

The world goes crazy every time the restock of the Lip Kits are announced. 

When I first attempted to buy the Lip Kits I was not prepared. 

For an exercise like this you need a plan of attack & you need it now. 

Don't have time to write one? Do not fret. 

I'm going to show you how I managed to score myself 4/4 Lip Kits & still remain sane. 

Let's do this.

P.S: I'd like to give actual credit to my boyfriend for buying these kits at the last minute. Due to slight issues, he was the one to hit checkout. Thanks boy-fee 

1. Create An Account Immediately 

Pre-filled information is so so so important during this exercise. You need to make sure you aren't wasting any time typing in your address. 

When the clock ticks over & the kits are made live, every second counts. 

Prior to any release date being announced, I created a Log In account for myself & my boyfriend. This meant that I would have 2 x the chance of scoring the Lip Kits once they went live. 

So first things first. Get an account set up right now. Go go go --> click here to set it up 

Having your address, name & email address already saved means that on check out, all this information becomes pre-filled. Also if your computer asks you to save the password & log in details SAY YES! 

P.S. On the day of the launch, you are not able to access or create an account. This gets blocked off, hence why creating an account immediately is so important. 

2. Set Up Your Webpages 

On the day before of the launch I made sure that I had all the Lip Kits I wanted to buy opened in separate tabs. 

Once the day of launch comes around, the website shuts down & doesn't allow you to click on the products until they're live. 

Setting up the tabs meant that when the time came, I just had to hit refresh on the tabs & add to cart. (DO NOT hit refresh before the kits are live. You will be redirected to the "coming soon" page & will not be able to go back)

This step is super important. 

It will save you at least 2 minutes of your time especially because the pages do crash when too many people click on each product meaning you have to keep hitting refresh until the server is able to load. This sets you back & allows for other people to purchase the items you currently have in your cart. You won't know you've lost an item in your cart until after processing.

TIP: Google Chrome is the most efficient web browsing platform to use for this buying experience. It saves everything & is also super fast. Download here if you don't already have it 

3. Be Ready 

I set an alarm for 10 minutes before the kits went live. This meant that I was able to stop what I was doing and get to my computer. 

I had already set up the webpages & had my credit card next to my computer for easy input at checkout. 

At 1 minute to, you need to be super ready. 

At dead on the time, hit refresh on every single open webpage on each tab & add everything to cart 

4. Don't Look Back 

Even if you've accidentally doubled up on one of your colours - do not go back! You will resell it so do not stress. There are waaaay too many girls desperate to get their hands on these bad boys for you to not sell them.

Just keep going & check out as fast as you can.  

5. Hold Off On The Refreshing 

In the beginning, refreshing is your best friend especially if it says the server has crashed. Do not wait the 2 minutes it says to wait - bloody hit refresh. 

On the final screen though once you've checked out it will say "processing". DO NOT hit refresh on this page. Wait it out. Be patient. It'll happen and when it does ...

Note: There is NO Paypal option. Only card. So if you're a Paypal junkie like me, you will have to unfortunately go digging for your long lost credit card 

6. Party 

I give you permission to get buck naked, jump around & swing from your ceiling fan. 

Girl you earned it. This shit was a mission. 

Now sit back (or party) & wait for your pretty package to land in your well deserving little hands 


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  1. love this post, but I am a bit lost on how to make the account. If you could do a seperate blog post on it that would be really helpful! x

    1. Hi lovely. Thanks for your support! If you hit "shop" on the main page you'll see in the top right hand corner a black head symbol. Click that and it'll allow you to create a log in. I know a few girls were having issues adding their address however they have sent off customer help emails so this should be resolved soon! If you have any problems with my instructions let me know and I'll help you through it :) x

    2. Thank you so much! I was reading this on an ipad before and just got onto my laptop now so I think the setup is different. Thank you for your help xx

    3. All good! Glad it worked :) xx

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for your tips, I successfully got the kits I wanted during last tuesday's restock :)

    1. Oh I'm so glad :) congratulations. You'll love them!

    2. And you're more than welcome. Glad I could help!

  3. Hi there :) I have made an account but can't seem to pre-put in my address :( is this possible or will i have to wait until the lippies go live.

    1. Hi hun. It's all good! The new set up now prevents the address from being able to be entered. The best way to do it is to use google chrome because it saves your address automatically! Otherwise have your address and card details typed out in a word document and just copy and paste it when it comes time for it. I did that for the first Kourt K release and got it straight away!


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