Thursday, February 25, 2016

So I May Be Snapchat Crazy ..

Ahh Snapchat. 

The only place where you can get away with posting a) 4 million videos of your dog and b) 2 second videos featuring facial expressions that would probably give a vicious lion nightmares. 

In the land of snapchat, anything goes.

From effects that make your nose & mouth a thousand times bigger than your eyes to effects that make babies cry. You name it. Snapchats got it. 

For this post I decided to keep it short & sweet. 

Whether you're a snapchat lover or hater, I'm going to tell you my current must follow snapchat accounts. 

Some bring laughs, others bring confusion.

But I can guarantee you, all these accounts are definitely worth a follow! 

1. @kylizzlemynizzle 

Of course coming in at number 1 is a Kardashian sister.

Kylie's snapchats are perfect if you're into seeing a behind the scenes glimpse of her life, hilarious short movies & 1 too many video effects 

2. @shanigrimmond 

Shani cracks me up on a daily basis so if you're into some good laughs & exposing yourself to some out of control facial expressions then give her a follow 

3. @ashybines1

I love Ashy because of her down to earth look at life as well as her super cute new bub.

If you're into babies, positivity & also a role model for healthy eating then pop her into your snapchat followers list ASAP 

4. @sheridynfisher 

If you're a fellow vegan or just love watching vegan goodies get prepped, then Sheridyn is a treat to follow.

Plus her little family is the cutest & she's such a calm & soothing soul 

5. @saboskirt_uncut 

The Sabo Skirt girls are hilarious!

Thessy mans the snapchat more than sidekick Yiota however they never cease to pop up together in nearly every snap.

From dogs in crazy positions to serious bikini jealously, this account is worth following! 

6. @sjana.earp 

Speaking of calm & soothing souls, Sjana is as real of a soul as you'll get. Her snaps are incredible.

Not only is she an amazing light hearted person but she manages to capture sunsets that I didn't even know existed in Australia!

Plus her doggy is the cutest & her around the world snaps cause some serious travel cravings. 

7. @morellomachine 

Another Youtube-r makes it to the list!

Chloe's snaps are on the same wavelength as Shani's in terms of funny-ness however if you're into seeing glimpses of America nearly every 2 weeks & backstage views of fashion shows, then jump on board this snap chatter train. 

8. @chloeszep 

Welcome Chloe #2.

If you're a fitness & fashion lover then Chloe is a must follow.

Her dress sense is crazily on point & on top of that I've never seen anyone who gets out & about as much as she does!

Plus her bod is amazing. 

9. @msrubytuesdaym 

I don't know what's cuter - Ruby's new bubba or her sausage dogs.

You be the judge. 

And there you have it.

My current must follow Snapchatters. 

Don't blame me if adding them to your list gets you even more addicted. 

This is why Snapchat should come with warnings!


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