Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Naughty & Nice - Who Says You Have To Pick?

Ahh Valentines Day. 

The one day a year where spending $45 million dollars on one single rose is deemed appropriate. 

The day where school offices & work places are overflowing with teddy bears, soppy cards & enough flowers to make a rose farm look insignificant (yes Steph, I do remember the day you had a human sized teddy bear & bunch of roses waiting for you in the school office. Yes I did think about setting fire to your teddy as it lay helpless on top of your locker) 

It's the time of the year for anti-love parties where smashing a penis shaped piñata becomes a standard practice. (How do I know these piñatas exist you ask? I'd love to tell you I'd rather leave an air of mystery between us) 

Or if you're lucky in love & loved up, it's the time of the year where lingerie shopping and finding that perfect date outfit becomes a must. 

Whether you've got a hot date this year or are single & loving it, I have some serious naughty & nice goodies for you. 

Because who doesn't like an excuse to spoil themselves just a little? 

P. S. For anyone new to my blog, all photos are linked to the exact place where you can buy the items from. (I know I'm too kind. You can thank me later)

For The Hot Date with Bae: 

For The Girls Who Love A Little Lace: 

For The Showstoppers: 


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  1. I love those lacy bralettes! I've been a huge fan for a while and they feel so much better (and sexier) than a standard bra!

  2. I lovvvvveeeee lacy brunettes! They are gorgeous! I will have to get some!


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