Monday, February 1, 2016

How To Pick Yourself Up From The Floor

I remember the night when realisation dawned on me that I didn't have enough money to pay rent. 

I was $10,000 deep in credit card debt, had a car loan and had a brand new puppy who was literally a walking shit magnet. (If she could find a way to injure herself in a padded room whilst being under the influence of happy gas, she would). 

I found myself lying on my bathroom floor. Just lying there. Wishing that I could escape this place they called "life". 

That was the day that I began my journey to happiness. 

I won't lie. I found myself on the floor again many times after the first time. 

When I got fired from my job via email and had a $2000 photo-shoot to pay for - I found the bathroom floor. 

When I had appendicitis and had to add a $1500 surgery bill to the bill pile - I found the floor. 

A wise man once said "In some ways, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning" - Viktor E Frankl 

I had to find the meaning. 

I'm not telling you these stories to bring about more feelings of depression & anxiety or to send you into a state of panic. I know that what you think about you bring about. I do not think of these situations as evil or bad anymore. I think of them as lessons. 

I am, however, telling you these stories so that you can understand that everyone goes through suffering. Some worse than others. But you should always see the good. 

A situation is neither good nor bad unless you make it that way. Instead of focusing on the negative side to the bills I should have thanked the universe for believing that I had the money to pay such big expenses. 

And it's funny. When you're sent a bill you ALWAYS find a way to pay it. ALWAYS. I've never not paid a bill. 

So the next time you're feeling overwhelmed and want to find the floor. 


Be thankful. 

List 10 good things in your life right now. 

Rebalance yourself. 

Steady your emotions. 

Watch your thinking. 

Tackle the problem head on. 

Never compare yourself to someone else. Don't make yourself feel worse because you think a certain person is happy 24/7. Everyone has their struggles. It's how they deal with it individually that makes them different. 

There is a reason for everything. You just need to find the good behind it. 

Once you master the ability to pick yourself up, the rest will fall into place. 

You can't expect to start a business, write a book or finish a University Degree if you find yourself on the floor every other day. 

You need to be mentally balanced before you can work on anything else. 

I've incorporated meditation, a lot of book reading, walking & small odd bob daily rituals into my everyday routine to ensure that even on the roller coaster drop, I'm feeling high. 

Happiness & positive vibes are the key to the kingdom. 

I'd rather be rolling on the floor in laughter than be lying on it in depression. 

If you're wanting to steal some of my daily practices, here's some of the bits & bobs I've incorporated.

Remember - "You can react toward anything that happens to you in a way that retains your happiness - if you really want your happiness more than anything else" - Vernon Howard 

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