Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lifestyle Edit: My Top Tips On Starting A Business

Do you have a dream? 

Yeah you. The one reading this post. 

Do you have a dream that involves starting something of your own? 

Maybe a fitness boot camp, a self-help company that totally kicks ass or even an online boutique? 

Well, I know your dream may seem crazy to other people but you hold onto it. Because I feel like when you know, you know. 

So if you've got your dream in mind and need a little bit of guidance, I've decided to share what I've learnt myself from starting a business (a lot of people hesitate to share their tips, but what's holding onto mine going to do for me?)

Hopefully these tips provide you with the foundations you need to begin your journey!

Bonus: If you have any questions or need some advice, don't be afraid to holla at me anytime. You can click through here and send me an email straight away 

1. Sit down and Really Think

Ask yourself, is this something I really want to do? Can I see myself being passionate about it everyday & wanting to work on it?

Always remember, things change. Something you love today you may not love next year. And that's okay. As you change so will your business. Sometime's it's best to sell & move onto something new then stay within an idea you're not passionate about. Because that only creates unhappiness.

2. Validate Your Idea

People are honest. Often too honest. But sometimes that's a good thing. When you're wanting to start a business that sells tangible goods to people or even a service, it's a good idea to validate your idea first & establish whether it's something people would actually spend money on.

Look into start up communities on Google + or Facebook & plant your idea seed within them. See if you can get any interest & get some advice & vibes from real people out there.

Remember: regardless of people's opinions you can do whatever you wish. This is just a great step for seeing if there's room for improvement or if what you're wanting to tell already exists in the market.

3. Plan It Out

If you're wanting to start a blog of some sort or write a book then it's pretty straight forward. You find your idea, your inspirations and you get started. The words will just come to you.

However if you're wanting to run an online clothing boutique or fitness boot camp or sell products to people then you need to do a little more planning. You need to find out who your customer base is, what needs they need filled, what price you can sell at, how much it will cost you to start up and if you do pre-sales to lower the amount of initial overhead costs.

Sit down and give yourself time to plan it out. Go over every detail and really nurture this project.

Here's some great books for planning out your products & marketing tactics:
- Seth Godin: All Marketers Are Liars (Click here to view/buy)
- Seth Godin: Purple Cow - Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable (Click here to view/buy)
- Seth Godin: Meatball Sundae - Is Your Marketing Out Of Sync? (Click here to view/buy)

4. Never Ever Over Spend

Your idea should be able to sell itself on its own. If it's something people want then you'll be able to sell it almost immediately. If you're struggling with sales, don't give up though especially if you're just starting out, but do look into why this may be happening.

Do not however spend excessive amounts on marketing tactics, SEO, expensive models or expensive photo-shoots. Trust me. I learnt the hard way. But thank god I learnt because otherwise I wouldn't be able to provide my advice to other people out there & prevent them from losing their hard earned money.

Start small & build your way up. I know at the start you want to be the big gun straight away & maybe you will be! But if it takes some time, don't grow impatient. Remember - patience is a virtue.

5. Build Up Bit By Bit

Want to expand? Find out how much it costs then set yourself a goal. If you need $1000, how much of your current product do you need to sell to be able to make that $1000?

During the beginning it will be tempting to a) spend your own money on the business and b) spend the money on yourself that the business is making. Do neither. Right now in the initial stage of your business, it needs to be able to feed itself. So the money it makes needs to go right back in.

6. Never Listen To The Haters

This one's an easy one to understand. People may feel jealous. Your friends may act weirdly towards you because you're doing something that they don't understand or that they fear they can't do themselves. Or maybe they'll be completely over the moon. Who cares. Regardless of their vibes, you just push on.

Your parents may out of fear tell you it's a horrible idea. But it's all about what you think. At the end of the day, you're the only one living your life so why would you listen to someone else tell you how to do it?

Don't listen to the online trolls either. Delete negative comments straight away from your business & your mind. Those people's opinions do not matter.

Here's some great books by people who have kicked ass that'll give you some inspiration:
- Sophia Amoruso: #Girlboss (Click here to view/buy)
- Khloé Kardashian: Strong Looks Better Naked (Click here to view/buy)
- Kim Kardashian: Selfish (for the lolz) (Click here to view/buy)


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  1. Ya know, if you don't have haters, you're not working hard enough! LOL

  2. Great post! Awesome advice!

  3. Great tips! I agree with only starting a business that you are passionate about...I learned that lesson the hard way.


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