Friday, January 22, 2016

Fashion Edit: What Does Cinderella Wear After The Pool Party?

 This post is the Part 2 to the first Australia Day post. 

It's the Kendall to the Kylie type of thing. 

Or the Ange to Brad. 

Anyway, this one's focused on clothes for during the night. 

Whether you're parading around a wet edge pool at a million dollar mansion or just making your way through a dinner box from McDonalds after having a battle with a bottle of Vodka, any one of these pieces will look fab. 

Especially if you're tanned. 

Did I say tanned? 

Yes tanned. 

And no I didn't stalk your latest vacation or secret holiday or 4 hour sunburning session. 

I instead included some amazing fake tanners in this post that will allow you to be tanned. 

Not a tanner? Who cares. Rock the true you and you'll pull off anything! 

I've included many different styled looks in this post ranging from beachy & casual to lacy & formal. 

As always, each picture is linked to exactly where you can buy the outfit from. 

Enjoy my little Cinderellas 


Copyright: I do not own any of these images nor take credit for them.

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