Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fashion Edit: Wanna Be The Next Gigi Hadid?

I was sitting in my room this morning pondering today's post. And by pondering I mean hanging upside down off my bed staring at the roof. 

So I'm not sure if that's pondering or procrastinating. 

Anyway, whilst attempting to be a bat, I came up with this post. 

I loved writing the Victorias Secret post & giving girls more affordable options to get that designer look. 

So I took that post & crossed it with my current style inspiration and tada - we have this. 

So if you're wanting to steal Gigi's style but don't feel like finding Donatella Versache's phone number or breaking into her house, then you've come to the right place my loves. 

Who needs Halloween as an excuse to dress up. Be Gigi all day every day! 

Every photo is linked to the exact item. 

Happy looking (and shopping) 


Copyright: I do not own any of these images nor take credit for them.

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