Saturday, December 5, 2015

Make Up Edit: Get Kim Kardashians Look

Wanna look like Kimmy K? 

Here's a breakdown of how you can achieve one of her most popular looks!

Want to see another celebs look broken down product by product? 

Comment your suggestions down below  


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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shopping Edit: Thumbs Up Thursday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday have been & gone however the sales still remain. 

And since it's Thursday (well in Australia anyway) I thought I'd do a Thumbs Up Thursday Edit where I list my top 10 favourites from this week. 

I'll even throw in links and let you know if the stores have any discounts or coupons running! 

So if you're still running around like a mad hatter looking for presents for family members, friends, furry relatives or just yourself, then this Thumbs Up Thursday edit is the perfect crash course. 

1. Showpo: Washed Ashore One Piece in White & Blush

Website: Click here 
Discount: $10 off your next order for new Signups 

2. Mura Boutique: Invincible Dress 

Website: Click here 
Discount: 10% off using "merrymura10" at checkout 

3. The Iconic: Boyfriend Denim Jacket 

Website: Click here 
Discount: 40% off Iconic Exclusives using "DEC40" at checkout 

4. Princess Polly: Magic of Marigold Playsuit 

Website: Click here                  
Discount: 20% off using codeword "SCHOOLIES" at checkout 

5. Call Me The Breeze: Spell Aloha Fox Shorts Mermaid 

Website: Click here 
Discount: Free Express Shipping using "SHIPMEFREE" at checkout 

6. Melissa Ambrosini: The Glow Kitchen 

Website: Click here 
Discount: Pre-order discount offers available on a number of products! 

7. Glassons: Textured Holdall Tote 

Website: Click here 
Discount: Numerous 2 for 1 offers available online as well as mix and match offers 

8. Too Faced: French Kisses Melted 

Website: Click here
Discount: Share & Save 20% 

9. Adore Beauty: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Website: Click here 
Discount: Check website for freebie deals & sign up for VIP Sales 

10. Proctor Gallagher Institute: 6 Minutes To Success 

Website: Click here

And there you have it! My top 10 picks for Thumbs Up Thursday 


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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fashion Edit: Fashion With An Edge

I remember back when I was in Year 11, I always envisioned in my head showing up to a party in a killer outfit that no one had ever seen before, walking in on one of my favourite songs and being the show stopper for that night. 

This dream was great however I could never find that killer outfit that no one had ever seen before. 

Fast forward to today and the internet has given us the ability to shop like we've never shopped before. 

And surprise surprise, I've found my killer outfits however I'm about 5 years too late. 

But oh well. 

For those of you out there who are searching for an outfit that allows you to stand out from the crowd and quite possibly will recreate the dream I had in Year 11, then is the ultimate show stopper heaven. 

Their clothes are amazing. 

Every piece is styled with such edge and perfection.

So before you go any further be sure to check out a preview of some of my favourites off their site down below and head over to their website: (I've even hyperlinked it for you so you can just click away) 

*BONUS*: 20% off using codeword "SCHOOLIES" at checkout 


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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Work Edit: The Importance Of Goal Setting

Feel like you're not achieving the things you want to? 

Or feel like you want to push yourself further and achieve what you've always wanted? 

Goal setting is a great way to get onto the path of success 

Every morning I wake up to a to-do list. 

I ensure that I write it the night before and tailor it to the day ahead e.g. If I'm working 6am-2pm the next day and the one after, I know that I have to tailor the list to my bed time for that night. 

Putting too much on your list in the early days may cause you to become flustered and may lead to you abandoning the list idea altogether. 

So start with 5 things you need to do and you can always add more onto your list throughout the day as you cross others off. 

Goal setting, whether it be short term or long term, is extremely important. 

It allows you to work towards what you want to achieve and enables you to stay disciplined. 

So if you tend to fall off track, try writing a simple to-do its and start small and just add on as you start to become more used to doing more and more. 

Working towards your goal is the best way to achieve it. It also allows you to develop discipline. 

And once you have disciple in one area of your life, it tends to feed into others

So before you give up, try taking baby steps.

No perfectly shot goal came without years of hard work & discipline.

You've got this! 


P.S. Here's an example of my to-do list. Most items have been crossed off as I've completed a lot already! 
P.P.S. Ignore how crabby and messy it looks. I find hand written lists the best! 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hair Edit: Elegant Christmas Looks

Picture this. 

It's Christmas Eve and you find out that the Vogue editor in chief will be at your Christmas Lunch tomorrow. 

This completely throws you. 

"How do I do my hair?" you say to yourself as you run around the room like a headless chicken. 

Well look no further.

I've compiled a look book of some killer elegant Christmas hair looks that you can use to transform your mop into hair fit for the Queen. 

In all honesty though, regardless of whether the Vogue editor in chief will be at your Christmas Lunch, these hair looks are perfect for an elegant Christmas Day. 


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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lifestyle Edit: My Current Favourite Celebrity Houses

Ah the lifestyles of the rich and famous (as previously quoted by boy rock band Good Charlotte in their song that was definitely on everyone's iPods at some point).  

They have the best houses, the most insane features and the most beautifully decorated interiors. 

I was trying to find inspiration for my dream home this morning and decided that I would do a post of my current favourite celebrity houses. 

Feel free to follow along with me and drool over their amazingness. 

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis's House

Taylor Swift's House

Kim Kardashian West & Kayne West's House

Oprah Winfrey's House 

Tiger Wood's House

Khloe Kardashian's House

Jennifer Lopez's House 

Dr Dre's House 

Kourtney Kardashian's House 

Celine Dion's House

And there you have it. Some of my favourite celebrity houses! 


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