Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Current "Bucket List"

I've decided to do another short, sweet, enjoyable and easy to read post - not that the others aren't, but this one is perfect for that "first glance at your phone" in the morning as you attempt to read one of my articles with one eye still squeezed shut.

This is my current bucket list (as of right this very second - it'll probably change in an hour)

- Attend a Mario Dedivanoic Make Up Seminar
- Meet the Kardashians (And Jenners)
- Travel the Greek Islands
- Visit my family in Italy
- Safari in Africa with my boyfriend
- Holiday in Bora Bora
- Swim with the fish in the Great Barrier Reef
- Take a balloon ride somewhere tropical
- Ride in a helicopter
- Start my own Youtube Channel
- Have a coaching session with Anthony Robbins
- Pick Seth Godin's brains
- Start my own kick ass bikini & lingerie line
- Release a book
- Build my own house
- Hire my own personal make up artist
- Travel to India and volunteer with the dog rescues
- Visit PETA headquarters
- Interview a billionaire
- Bunjee Jump (maybe. I have a massive fear of heights)
- Complete my ultimate make up collection
- Take my Mum to Paris
- Go into Sephora & Mecca and buy one of everything
- Swim with the Dolphins in the wild
- Buy a Range Rover (I've been eyeing one off for too long)
- Road trip around Australia
- Rescue 5 more dogs
- Start a dog rescue shelter
- Start a charity
- Help feed the homeless
- Make a difference in the world
- Spin a globe, point to a place randomly and travel to it


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Skin Care Routine

After collecting numerous sample pots, learning about a heap of skin care related information that I was never aware of and finding out that my skin type isn't what I thought it was, I finally narrowed down a easy, no fuss skin care routine.

I've always been the type of person to get excited about including a new routine in my life, doing it for a few weeks and then forgetting about it (like when I bought my Frank scrub and promised myself that I would use it every 4 days).

So when it came to my skin care routine, which was non existent at this point, I knew I had to implement something easy and manageable using brands that suited my skin and my personality.

I love more natural based skin care compared to pharmasutical, so that's where I worked out which brands would suit me better.

I also highly value not testing on animals.

After taking numerous samples home from Mecca Maxima, I decided on 7 products that would make up my skin care routine.

From the brand Ren, which is a very natural based skin care company, I use their exfoliator, cleanser, moisturiser & serum.

I exfoliate every 2-3 days depending on how my skin feels using the Rosa Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.

I find this works really well for my skin as the exfoliating beads are gentle on my skin and don't leave it feel like it's been vigorously scratched.

It also smells delicious as it's peppermint infused!

I use the Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel twice in one session to give my skin a double cleanse when I'm not exfoliating after.

Once with my Clarisonic Mia 2 & then the second time just with my hands to tackle the sensitive regions of my face.

If I'm exfoliating then I'll only cleanse once.

Once my face has been cleaned and/or exfoliated, I like to use the Youth Vitality Day Cream, which pumps my skin full of moisture and provides excellent hydration.

I then follow this with the Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil Serum which acts as a barrier to hold the hydration and moisture within the skin.

It's great for both dry and oily skin as it doesn't leave an oily film on the skin, instead soaking in and holding in the hydration.

From this brand I absolutely fell in love with their eye cream which contains Ginzing and is called the Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream.

This is another natural company which uses Ginzing, Caffeine and Magnolia to help pump life back into tired eyes and get rid of any dark circles or signs of fatigue.

It's super creamy and feels so light weight on the eyes and I'm definitely seeing some progress with the diminishing of my under eye circles.

Elemental Herbology
I am absolutely obsessed with facial masks at the moment, so when I found a mask that contains honey, fig, lavender and rosemary, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

The Facial Detox Purifiying Mask from this company is absolutely amazing. All you do is spread is over your t-zone and any other problematic areas and leave it to dry for 10 minutes.

You can also see it work before your eyes as the mask works its way into your pores to flush them out.

It's gentle and extremely effective and I normally use it 1-2 times a week on days when I don't exfoliate.

We all have those days when we can't be bothered taking off our make up and normally find ourselves in bed with a full face still on, contemplating whether we should get up to take it off.

Or it's when you've just come back from a night out and it's super late and you just can't be bothered.

This is why I had to find a make up remover that I could implement into my routine for those lazy days.

The Pomegranate Grenade Cleansing and Make Up Removing Wipes are perfect for those days where you don't feel like doing your full skin care routine but know you have to take your make up off to prevent waking up with a pimple.

Easy as pie.

Little Tip: Always build up your skin care routine slowly. Never jump straight in to have a heap of products. Start with a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser and go from there! You don't want to overwhelm yourself


Monday, November 2, 2015

5 Things I Learnt From The Kardashians

Oh the Kardashians ...

They will honestly most likely find their way into most of my posts in one way or another.

I love to love them.

As much as people complain about Kimmy K and how self-obsessed she is, I think there's a lot to learn from the family. Yes they may only exist because of a certain home movie but just because someone's handed the key to the castle doesn't mean they instantly know how to reign.

Success is earned and not a given.

They could have crashed and burned a long time ago. But instead they stuck around to teach us some kick ass life lessons.

1. Always Go With Your Gut

Kimmy K's relationship to Chris may have only lasted 72 days, but Kimmy has taught us a very important love lesson - if it doesn't feel right, then it's not.

When I was younger I always used to make sporadic decisions.

Most of the time I had a weird feeling in my stomach and usually each decision ended in tears. As I grew older I began to understand the twisted stomach feeling and sweaty palms.

This is your bodies way of telling you somethings not right.

Kim knew from the beginning that something was wrong in her relationship. And even though it took her 72 days and a lot of backlash and memes, she went with her gut and ended her marriage.

Now nearly 2 kids later, she's the happiest I've ever seen her (and by seen her I mean watched, because lets be honest ... I've never actually met her).

2. Bullying Happens To Even The Rich And Famous

Kimmy K openly admitted that she doesn't smile in paparazzi photos anymore because they made her life hell during her pregnancy with North.

Khloé became obsessed with getting into shape after numerous magazines weight shamed her and she's even been taunted by bullies about how "un - kardashian" she looks.

Rob has gone into hiding because people can't seem to leave him alone, Kendall has had modelling photo after modelling photo picked apart and the baby of the family Kylie has changed her appearance just to feel more confident in herself as she experiences growing up in front of the cameras.

Life is cruel.

And just because you're some of the richest people in the world doesn't mean words don't hurt.

Kylie's latest anti-bullying campaign on Instagram has raised a lot of awareness for the bullying that kids and adults around the world face on a daily basis and shows us that she's just as human as everyone else regardless of their status.

3. Bikes Cannot Be Ridden In The Water ... Even If You're In Bora Bora

On a lighter note, Scott and Rob definitely taught us an important lesson on one of their family vacations.

After a few too many beers, the boys got wild with one of the islands bike and cart duos and decided to test out it's ability to transform into a boat.

Riding a bike with a cart on the back into the water showed us that no matter how fancy the bike (or the water), bikes do not work in the water.

So before you attempt to take your trusty bicycle into the bath tub .. think twice.

4. Hard Work Pays Off

Even for people who have time to go out for every meal of the day and squeeze in some sibling wrestling and maybe even a trampoline sessions, they still have time to work hard.

The Kardashians may have scored their place in the limelight from a one of a kind home movie, but this did not guarantee them success. Just because someone has the limelight on them does not mean that they will be the topic of attention for years to come.

Staying in the spotlight takes a lot of perseverance and I find that all of the Kardashians are extremely hard working.

If I'm ever having an unproductive day at home, I'll start up a Kardashian marathon and after every episode or during an episode I will work on my current goals.

I find them to be inspiring in the sense that they are where they are because of their hard work and if they want to go on 40 vacations and own 200 cars then so be it.

They worked for it. So they earned it.

The crown does not determine the success of the queen but rather the queen herself. #queenkimmy

5. Every Once In A While You Need To Stop And ... Take  A Selfie 

Ahh the queen of selfies herself .. good old Kimmy.

From a season dedicated to her selfie taking to an actual book full of selfies, this girl is not camera shy. Kimmy taught us the best angles and the best locations.

She showed us that no matter when you are , you can and should take a selfie.

From being in the middle of a fire dancing show to being in the car on the way to your sisters admission to jail, there's never a bad time for a selfie.

And while I could have gone on to include a whole essay and possibly a book dedicated to this topic, I'll stop at the 5! 


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