Sunday, October 25, 2015

Too Faced Haul

Hauls are probably one of my favourite videos to watch on Youtube. I love seeing all the goodies people picked up on their latest shopping trips and I especially love one brand hauls because you get to see the wide range of products that brand offers.

Especially when it's one you're in love with.

I've always been obsessed with Too Faced.

It definitely started with my first Better Than Sex Mascara and was then heightened by my first palette - the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar.

From there, I've been slowly adding to my collection and I especially love them because they're animal cruelty free and vegan.

So when the opportunity came to go make up crazy at Mecca Maxima, I found myself lured automatically to the Too Faced Gondola,  piling product after product into my shopping basket.

Throughout this post, I've included all affiliate links to the Too Faced Website for all the products so that you can grab them instantly! (Just click on the name of each product to be automatically redirected)

The first item I grabbed was the Primed and Poreless Primer. Not only does it completely erase any signs of large pores,  but it is also oil free (a heaven send for my T-zone) as it is designed for oily skin and is skin smoothing.

An added bonus is that it's also great for sensitive skin. So if you find that a lot of primers leave your skin feeling irritated, it's worth giving this one a try.

The second item I picked up was another Primed & Poreless product - the Primed and Poreless Priming Powder & Finishing Veil. I have been obsessed with translucent powders recently, so when I found one that minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines, I had to grab it.

Since my shopping cart was being filled with mainly face make up, I decided to throw in a blush and bronzer from Too Faced as well. I've heard a lot of good things about the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer collection so I wanted to give it a try.

It was a toss up between that and the NARs Laguna, however I find that Laguna doesn't sit as nicely on my face as other people, which left me devastated as I've been dying to buy it.

The Soleil Bronzer is shimmer free (I hate my bronzer making me look like Edward Cullen) and is also matte, making it the perfect contouring and bronzing powder.

And it even uses real cocoa powder.

Need I say more!

The Sweethearts Blush was probably the first thing that caught my eye on the gondola.

The packaging is super cute and the colours are stunning.

I went with the more subtle trio, choosing a more pastel collection rather than super bright.

I find this blush to be the perfect compliment to the bronzer as it has more of a shimmering effect, which compliments the matte finish of the bronzer.

Whilst at the Too Faced gondola, I had to pick up some of their melted lipsticks.

As much as I wanted to grab the whole collection, I wanted to start off slow (and also give myself another reason to go back to Mecca).

I got a nude shade and a pink shade, picking up 'Melted Nude' & 'Melted Marshmellow'.

The liquid lipsticks are super creamy, moisturising and long lasting. And they add an easy to apply pop of colour to the lips (turning you from plain jane to Beyonce).

I also added another Better Than Sex to my collection as I fear the day that my current one runs out and I'm left with just a standard mascara.

Enough said.

Finally, I picked up the Shadow Primer Duo minis.

They only cost $17 and because I haven't tried them before, I thought I'd try them in mini first. Plus then I can see whether I prefer the original or the champagne version.

I've heard some great things about these eyeshadow primers though and they seem to be a miracle worker with any of your eyeshadows.

Not only are they fade proof & crease proof but they also have 24 hour wear and intensify pigments.

Excellent value for your money I say.

And that's the end of my current Too Faced Haul.

With the Holidays approaching though I'm eager to get my hands on some limited edition goodies.

Let me know in the comments section below if you've ever tried any of the products mentioned above or if you have some Too Faced hauls to share! Xo
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