Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lifestyle Edit: Wanna Control Your Life?

When I was little I always wanted to be an inventor of some type. 

I used to run around the garden collecting flowers off the trees and would carefully peel off each petal before placing them into my school drink bottle. 

Then when I had the right amount I would add water and start the creation of my own perfume. 

Or I would pretend to be a Chef in the sandpit and act as if I was on TV, talking through each step of the cooking process to my imaginary audience as I carefully stirred the sand icing sugar into the muddy chocolate cake batter. 

As a child my imagination would run wild and I knew that I was capable of doing anything I wanted however once I hit about 8 or 9 society began to depict to me what I SHOULD be doing. 

I now finally have found my feet and am comfortable within myself. It took a lot of work and a lot of reading and learning - and don't get me wrong it's still a constant process - but I now feel like a child again and the world is now my sandpit. 

It takes a lot for me to recommend products that I believe will benefit people. I'm very picky and I like to steer clear of gimmicky products offering "instant" success. 

So, if you have a dream, a business goal or a personal goal then this post is for you. 

Below, I've detailed the products I believe will enable you to control your life and to keep you on your path to happiness & success 

The main section of this post focuses on Melissa Ambrosini & her quest to empowering people around the world & to helping each person achieve their spiritual, personal & financial goals.

I've also thrown in 2 little extras that I feel tie in nicely to this topic! 

Each photo is linked to the specific product! So give it a click if it rings your bell

 Little Extras:

I hope you find a product within this list that suits your needs & what you're looking for 

Never doubt yourself. You are the creator of you life's path 


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  1. That was a cute little story. I used to want to invent some, too. When I was in elementary school, we had a lesson about inventing and we had to create these ideas, map them out and then "build" (mostly from popsicle sticks) it for class. I remember being in the inventive mood for a while after, but I don't really remember everything I came up with. I do know that I did try to invent a glove for paralyzed victims that braced their hands to hold a pen or pencil and then they could sign things--my uncle was paralyzed from the neck down with just a little movement in his right hand left.


    1. I loved that story! A glove like that would be so perfect. What a very thoughtful invention

      Thank you for the comment & happy holidays :)


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