Sunday, December 6, 2015

Interview Edit: Sheridyn Fisher & Her Vegan Lifestyle

Over a year ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous Sheridyn Fisher. 

When I was running my online clothing boutique this post was written for it, as at the time I was a practising vegetarian and wanted to know more about Vegan-ism. 

I contacted Sheridyn and asked if she'd be interested in talking about her lifestyle choice as well as how she incorporates her vegan lifestyle into a very busy schedule - running a swimwear line, designing swimwear, promoting products & being a model. 

Of course she accepted and I'm glad she did because her attitude for life and passion for what she does was extremely infectious. 

A lot has changed since I spoke to her - she's now a mumma to be- but I thought I'd share this older interview with my new audience. 

So, enjoy! 

First off I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do this interview! I'm so grateful to gain your opinion on some very important topics. I'll begin with your lifestyle choice - you're a Vegan but you're also incredibly busy working hard! How do you find time to balance your lifestyle choice with the craziness of your life? 

It's quite easy... I've been Vegan for 5 or 6 years now so I've just learnt to be completely aware of what I'm putting in my body. 

It's about being aware & being prepared - if I'm invited out with friends I always call the restaurant beforehand & find out if they do have Vegan meals. But there's always options at restaurants so if worse comes to worse I just get a vegetable side. 

What made you decide to become a Vegan & at what point of your life was it? Did you have anyone around you who looked down upon your choice? How did you push through that? 

I was 22 or 23. I was vegetarian first and I mainly did it for the animals because of the cruelty their subjected too. I couldn't sit there and eat a steak & say I like animals too. I had no idea where it had been or how it had gotten onto my plate. I couldn't do it anymore. 

Then the realisation came. I was having an argument with a Vegetarian that was a hunter. I said to them "How can you go out and kill an animal but still maintain you're a vegetarian?" whilst I was eating chicken myself. And then I thought - how can I sit here & criticise you. 

I've been learning about it ever since and it's been such a positive change in my life. In changing I've learnt a lot about the health benefits too. 

When I first made the change it was a shock for everyone and they did ask a hundred questions. Sometimes people get aggressive & I found these people are trying to project something onto you because they don't want to make your choices or change themselves. 

I pushed through it for myself. I'm a strong willed person and if I'd listened to most people, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wanted to inspire people and let them know they can stand up. 

People are going to criticise you about being Vegan or even about your hair colour - don't allow people to make you feel bad about your choices. With changing it makes you better, you partake in self discovery & become a stronger person. 

It's not a crazy change - the heaven & the Earth haven't shifted yet people think they have - they just don't know how to accept it, they have no idea what they're putting in their body. 

When you turn Vegan things start clicked and you're like "Wow this is a huge wake up to another world" 

I know that you're incredibly busy with your amazing swimwear line. How do you ensure that you maintain the balance between fuelling your body as well as working our whilst you're on the go? 

I'm pretty crazy. Some weeks I'm a crazy fitness nutt & other weeks when I'm running around I get home at night & just want to sleep. 

The key for me is movement. If there's no time to work out I just eat healthier. I focus on healthy eating & don't pressure myself. 

I do enjoy it and sometimes I force myself to go to just maintain momentum. It definitely makes a difference when you're not treating your body properly. 

Just doing something everyday helps e.g. running up the stairs instead of walking or rush walking to wherever you need to go. 

In terms of your inner health, how do you ensure that mentally & emotionally you remain positive & centred? Do you have any tips for young women who are experiencing a negative mindset that may be holding them back from doing what they want to do? I notice that you enjoy painting, is this an outlet for you as well? 

Be the best version of you & the person you would want to hang around. It's okay to feel down but try & talk to people and remain realistic. It's also who you surround yourself with. 

Surrounding yourself with a positive group of people who are inspiring you and encouraging you is the key.

I got heavily into painting purely for my sanity. I'm always running around with the business, my swimwear line, modelling & myself & sometimes I find myself doing invoices on Sunday nights. It gets crazy so even being creative & writing and doing more of that helps - an hour of painting or even little things like cooking & putting on country music balances me. I also like to remind myself that I am thankful & appreciative & that this is the lifestyle I want to live. 

How do you maintain your Vegan lifestyle whilst travelling? Is it hard to do since you arent able to go shopping & choose the meals yourself when you go out? 

Everywhere in the world hopefully has some steamed veggies. However I find China in particular is very different & they don't understand the animal cruelty side however there are Buddhist Monks which means there's places without animal products. 

Sometimes I have to survive off a piece of fruit but I will never compromise this for what I believe in. There is always an option. 

And finally, you do a lot of photo-shoots at some crazy times! How do you make sure your body is fuelled with enough energy to keep you going? 

Green smoothies & lots of nuts that have a lot of protein. If I have 2 green smoothies a day I'm good to go especially if I put my essential veggies in it. Overtime you become accustomed to the lifestyle and you keep going and learn from each experience so you know what to do better next time. 

Any words of advice for people wanting to turn their dreams into success? 

Always believe in yourself & never let anyone tell you that you can't do something - I wont let anyone tell me what I shouldn't do something. Sometimes things change but if you keep at your passion, you can do anything you want to do. 

I grew up on the Central Coast, I wasn't popular & I've been out of home since I was 14 but it never stopped me. I figured out a way - whether it was to get healthy, get fit, eat right or travel. The only person that believes in you is you. My experiences taught me to be a strong person & at first I wasn't thankful, but I'm thankful now! 


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