Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happiness Edit: How To Check If You're Alive Right Now

Do me a favour. 

Hold your breath for 30 seconds. 

And make sure you do it properly. 

I mean it. The whole 30. 

Now breathe out. 

You're alive. Crazy hey? 

A lot of people don't remember that though. 

Shit happens all the time around the world and in your personal circles and it's important to just breathe and realise how blessed you are to be alive in this present time. 

Yesterday morning I went on the Bondi - Bronte walk. It wasn't the whole walk. 

God knows how far I actually go but I only ever go to this one spot with these gorgeous light grey rocks that jut over the ocean below where the waves get just high enough for you to be lightly kissed by the ocean spray.

I took my puppy Olive with me for some me time. 

I've been reading a lot about the importance of loving yourself and your own company. I mean who else do you have when it comes down to it? 

So, here I am sitting on the rock with this little cattle dog sitting next to me breathing like a freight train. I've got 20 years on her and yet she still can't keep up with me. 

Anyway, we're just sitting there looking out at the ocean and I just feel this sudden burst of peace. 

The ocean is one of the most stunning natural wonders of the world.

It's such a crazy earth force.

The waves know exactly how to roll and the current manages to pull each wave back and forth with such perfection. And then there's the colours. The aquas of the shallow waves, the dark blues of the deeper waves and the silver-white of the foam as the waves crash into each other. 

I've always been a sucker for nature and yesterday it really made me feel alive. You see my life may not be where I want it to be and I may not be in control of everything that happens. But when I stop. And I mean really stop. And take a breath, I know that none of that matters.

 I'm alive. And that is a blessing in itself. 

And to top the day off I even had breakfast by myself at the Bondi Icebergs Terrace. And it was amazing. There were no free tables at one point so I had a young woman next to me sharing my bench and a backpacking couple from England sitting across from me. And every time one of them left, they threw me a smile a "thank you" and a "have a good day". 

The view was amazing, the food was incredible and I had my furry best friend curled up at my feet. 

And in that moment I realised, no matter what goes on around you externally, it's how you feel internally that determines your peace and happiness.

It made me feel good to be human. 

I've included a sound cloud track below of some ocean sounds. Give them a listen after or play them while you read or play them and reread the post again. 

Up to you. 

I know it's not my traditional piece but in a world filled with darkness, one spark can start a fire. 

So remember, just breathe. Take control of yourself & let the world & everyone else around you work their shit out. 

We never signed up to be the Dr Phil to the entire universe & its population,
so you just do you Boo


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