Friday, December 18, 2015

Beauty Edit: My Top 4 Recommended Face Masks

This years weather has been more hit & miss than celebrities outfits on the Red Carpet. 

We've had super hot days where we've sweated up a storm and then super freezing days where we've shivered like a cat being electrocuted. 

With these changes we've also all probably seen our skin change in one way or another as it deals with the body changes that each weather switch & swap brings. 

During the hotter days you'll find your skin feels more oily as your body produces more and more sweat & pores begin to block. 

On the colder days you may feel tighter & drier as your skin loses moisture from the harsh cold conditions. 

If you've found your skin struggling to keep up with the weather, then I suggest definitely investing in a face mask dedicated to the issue at hand. 

I've broken down some of the key skin problems that most people face (good pun!) & have provided a face mask I highly recommend for each. 

Having tried every single one of them I can assure you that they are all amazing!

1. Karuna Hydrating + Face Mask 

This little baby is perfect for dry skin. I recommend using it during the cool weather changes to ensure your skin stays plump and full of moisture. 

2. Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask 

Whether you have problems with blackheads, large pores or breakouts, this bad boy will target those hard to reach nooks & crannies and ensure that no bacteria remains. It's perfect for the hotter days where you sweat a lot & your body produces excess oil.

3. Elemental Herbology Facial Detox 

This mask is perfect for detoxing the skin and removing any impurities that may lead to breakouts. It's that "before" breakout step. It's perfect for the hotter days as well when oil build up leads to blocked pores. 

4. Origins Ginzing Mask 

If you're feeling like your skin is looking a little dull & needs a pick me up then this mask is the ultimate solution. I recommend this one for days where you feel like your skin has really been put through the ringer & you're wanting to kick some life back into it.

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