Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel Edit: My Top 10 Holiday Destinations

1 word. 7 letters. 


This word has the ability to make anyone weak at the knees. It also has the ability to make anyone feel like a million tiny ants are having a wild disco party to Snoop Dogg's new song in their stomach. 

Everyone loves a holiday. Especially me. 

Since we're nearing prime Holiday time (aka Christmas Holidays), I've decided to compile a list of my top 10 current Holiday destinations that I want to (and will) travel to. 

So if you're stuck on ideas for where to travel to this festive season, look no further. 

I've got your back girl. 

1. Bora Bora 

How could this not be number 1 for me. I am so so so obsessed with Bora Bora.

Kimmy K and her fam did kick off the obsession for me when they family vacay-ed there a few seasons back however my obsession only grows stronger every day.

Think overwater bungalows. Crystal clear waters. Bath tubs with clear floors that allow you to see the ocean below. Swimming with turtles. Your own private deck with a ladder leading to the ocean. Private island picnics. Cute fish.

The list is endless.

Bora Bora is a must.

2. Africa 

This is number 2 for me because my boyfriend desperately wants to Safari. So I agreed that if we go to Bora Bora I will do Africa.

I've always wanted to ride in a green camouflage car through the natural habitat of some of Africa's most beautiful animals.

I love African animals.

Having lived in Africa whilst I was little, this one comes in at number 2 because I've already been there. However holidaying there with my boyfriend and camping out under the stars amongst the wild animals does sound pretty damn good.

3. USA

By USA I mean all of it. I want to rent a cool American car and drive around everywhere.

I've never been to America however it is a dream for me to go. Especially to New York. On New Years. When it's snowing and everyones so happy.

Plus lets not kid ourselves. I want to shop up an absolute storm. Rodeo Drive here I come.

On top of that I do see myself as some form of undercover FBI agent. And I mean seriously undercover. So stalking celebrities and finding their hiding places is a field of work I do take seriously.

I also want to tie in Hawaii to this trip. Because who doesn't love Hawaii & the Victoria Secret outlet.

4. The Greek Islands

Now the Greek Islands should have been number 2, however because I'm such a caring and sharing soul I don't want to have to tie my boyfriends hands up, tape his mouth and shove him in a suitcase and make him visit every place that only I want to go to.

So I thought "be fair Monique. Keep the list filled with places both of you want to go to and then sneak in some ones that are mainly your obsession".

Lets be serious though. The Greek Islands are amazing. Santorini. Mykonos. I just die and go to Holiday heaven just thinking about their crystal blue waters, blue and white themed villages and delicious food.

Plus I just want to do what the Jenner's did and zoom around the island on a quad bike. Whilst I'm golden brown tanned and loving life.

5. Dubai

I have been obsessed with visiting Dubai for a very long time.

I know it's not a place you go to for weeks on end so I thought I'd slot it in somewhere further down the line after some other great places that you can spend endless weeks in.

I just want to visit the huge hotels & cool shaped buildings and run amuck amongst the glorious fountains and ride a camel. That would be so cool. Camels are the coolest.

And I want to get a really glamorous photo in the desert wearing an amazing flowing dress that blows in the wind with an amazing headpiece that makes me look like I came straight out of a Sex & The City movie.

They're indoor snow field sounds amazing too. Plus apparently you can buy Gold so cheap over there (hint hint).

6. Langkawi 

Langkawi is an island in Malaysia and if you're into Bora Bora then you'll be into this.

Think more tropical rainforest meets beach. This place is amazing (and when I say this I mean I know it's amazing from the google images on it).

This is the ultimate place to do long rainforest walks, scuba dive with animals and just plain old chill out and relax and have an amazing time.

7. Paris

I know the city is in turmoil right now (thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected) however I've always wanted to go to the land of the French.

I want to eat baguettes and croissants all day and double my current weight in just french food. I want to stand under the Eiffel Tower and pop a bottle of champagne (and hopefully not get arrested for drinking in public).

I want to ride carousels and shop and visit cool art museums.

This is a travel destination I want to go to with my Mum. Only because she's been dying to go for so long so I thought why not take her with me.

8. Italy

Ah the land of my people. Well half my people. Really they're my Dad's people however I like to think of myself as Italian royalty.

In all seriousness though I would love to visit Italy just to get a taste of my culture and where I come from.

I'd also like to visit some long lost Italian relatives of mine and great great family friends.

I would also like to romantically drift along in one of those Italian boats whilst sharing Spaghetti (meat free of course) like they do in the Lady & the Tramp. I'm such a romantic.

9. India

I love Indian cuisine and I also love parts of their culture and beliefs and I think it would be amazing to visit such a rich cultured place.

I've also seen some great TV shows and documentaries about the dog and animal rescue organisations over there that I would love to assist.

India looks like such a beautiful place. Filled with great food, lots of colour and amazing people.

10. Alaska (Let's forget it's part of the USA for this post)

I'm not 100% sure of this one however I thought why not throw in a place that's freezing cold and filled with ice and snow.

I love polar bears too and cute little seals so maybe whilst I'm there I can go sightseeing and exploring and find some (safely of course. maybe in a Zoo).

And there you have it. My top 10 current holiday destinations. Hopefully this gave some of you some inspiration for your next trip. I say bring on 2016 - the year of travelling & making amazing memories. 

Remember. If you want to go somewhere make it your priority. See yourself there and make it happen. The world is your oyster. You have so much more power than you realise. 


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  1. Awesome spots Monique! Add Fiji to that list ;) I lived in Savusavu for 4 months; it was as pretty as Bora Bora. Freaking jaw-dropping beauty.


    1. Thanks for letting me know! I was contemplating putting Fiji in but mum said I've been there so many times as a young child. I'll definitely add it to the list though!

      Thank you :)


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