Saturday, November 28, 2015

Social Edit: My 8 Recommended Instagram Accounts

Social Media constantly finds its way into our lives. 

Whether it's watching snapchats on the toilet, watching the latest make up tutorials whilst brushing our teeth, refreshing our Facebook feed at red lights or Instagram stalking our fave outfits whilst out at the shops, we're surrounded by social media. 

I'm very particular with what and who I fill up my social media feeds with. 

I only follow people on Instagram in particular that I feel bring value to my life and have similar values to me. 

Or they're people who I aspire to be like & who provide me with constant motivation. 

I decided that since Instagram is constantly bombarding our lives, I'd share some Instagram accounts that I highly recommend adding to your stash (in no particular order). 

This Plant Based Life

Created by mum-to-be and beach babe Sheridyn Fisher, this account shares all of Sheridyn's nourishing plant based life through photos. 

I love this account because not only does it have drool worthy photos and some cute bump pics but it also acts as a teaching guide for people who aren't sure about the Vegan lifestyle and want to learn more. 

Sheridyn also includes some delicious recipes that can be made at home and shares some great Vegan resources & groups to support 


Loni Jane 

My obsession with Loni Jane came a few years back during her pregnancy with her first child Rowdy. There was a lot of controversy surrounding her lifestyle choice and it really caught my attention. 

This account is another vegan account (surprise surprise) that includes vibrantly coloured photos of food and Loni's lifestyle as well as some smile worthy photos of her little family. 

Her ebook is fantatic and if you're looking for someone who has a positive & infectious view on life then Loni is definitely one to follow 


Kylie Jenner 

I know a lot of people will question this choice, but I don't mind. I have my own reasons as to why she's in my list. 

I find that when I'm feeling a bit sluggish in terms of posting and working on my career, I find motivation through people who I see as holding some of the things I would like to achieve in life. 

Kylie is definitely one of these people. Her account is filled with photos of beautiful make up, clothes & cars (which is the superficial part of this & not as important) but it's also filled with photos of family and achievements and charity work such as her #iammorethan hashtag where she works to end bullying and shine a light on people who have been through a lot in their lives. 


Ruby Tuesday Matthews 

Since spotting her in an out of this world Sabo Skirt Campaign, I had to follow this girl. 

Not only is Ruby stunning but she's also just become a mum & documented her whole pregnancy. 

Her account is filled with stunning photo shoots, delicious foods, new mumma tips, and plenty of organic food & product recommendations. 

She's also super down to earth 


Kayla Itsines 

The fitness guru, turned the ultimate fitness woman. Kayla is such an inspiration. 

Not only does she have some kick ass guides but she's also a breath of fresh air. 

I find in a world filled with complaining and devastation, you need to surround yourself with people who see the light in the dark things and really try and change the world. 

"Be the change you want to see" - and that's exactly what she does. Everything of her's that pops up in my news feed is motivating 


Sjana Elise Earp 

I can't even begin to sum this account up. 

All I can say is that if you're into seriously stunning photos, jealousy over travelling to places you never knew existed, delicious food photos and some serious body & tan & clothing & bikini goals, then follow this account immediately 

P.S. be warned. Her yoga poses are out of this world and will make you reconsider your career choice (I always wanted to be in the circus) 


Alexis Ren  

I thought I'd place these 2 accounts one after each other for this one particular reason: words cannot describe how visually amazing they are. 

Have you seen the photos circling the internet and magazines with a girl in front of the camera holding her arm back to someone behind her? Yeah? Well Alexis started that. 

Her photos are breathtaking. Her humbleness is breathtaking. Her natural beauty is breathtaking and so is her lifestyle. 

This account is a must follow if you loved Sjana's 


Shani Grimmond 

Shani is the ultimate crack up. I honestly have never been exposed to someone so funny. 

If you don't know Shani, she's a Youtube Make Up Sensation & Guru and she's also I swear a part time comedian. 

I love her account not only because it's filled with stunning make up posts but also because her dog Bindi always finds her way into most photos and she's also such a happy & gorgeous girl. 

I find her personality & mindset extremely intoxicating 


And there you have it. 8 Instagram accounts that must be followed! 


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