Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Top Rating iPhone Apps


If you own one you'll know the truth to this when I say it - they're always with you.

Whether you're snapchatting your dog in slow motion, taking photos of your delicious raw vegan food for Instagram or stalking you-tuber's Tumblr's to see what they get asked, you always find some way to be on them.

I'm on my phone quite a bit however since deactivating Facebook I've had to fill my phone browsing time with some much needed other apps.

Here's a few of my current top rating iPhone Apps that I have on my phone right now:

1. The Kylie Jenner App

How could I resist. I know, it's definitely no surprise that I have this app installed in my phone.

It's actually a really great app though. I love the content especially the make up tutorials since I've always been obsessed with Kylie's hair and make up.

The dog videos are super cute too and I love the house tours as I feel like I'm getting a sneaky look into her Private life.

2. Kim Kardashian App

Surprise surprise. Another Jenner/Kardashian App makes it into my top faves. Kim's one I downloaded more for solely the make up videos because Mario features in them as well as Joyce and their make up skills are ah-may-zing.

I also love the behind the scenes photos and videos and her pregnancy updates. Plus any extra photos of North are super cute as she's so gorgeous.

3. Podcasts App

This App basically ties with the first 2 only because it allows me to access beneficial information that helps me work on myself.

Whenever I'm feeling a bit unsure about certain topics, I search for a podcast on the app using the phrase I'm concerned about and listen to the one that looks most interesting to me.

I also love downloading podcast episodes that aide in sleeping.

Currently I have a whole meditation podcast channel that covers various topics and feelings and has different meditations to do whilst you're in bed or sitting down.

I also love soothing myself to sleep with ocean sounds and nature sounds such as running streams or pattering rain.

4. iBooks

I'm pretty sure this app comes built into the iPhone but I'm going to feature it regardless.

This app is a hidden gem.

I literally store every book or PDF I get sent or download in here so that I don't have to scroll through emails to find them or store them on my computer.

Currently I have my Kayla Itsines guide, Loni Jane Ebook and a snippet of a book that I mentioned in my books on my bedside table post (here)

5. Sleep Cycle

If you struggle to wake up in the morning or always feel like you've hardly slept the night before when you wake, then this apps for you.

I like to monitor how deeply I sleep during the night so I wanted an app that did that and also acted as an alarm.

This app does both plus more.

It tracks your whole sleep cycle and shows you a chart of how deeply or shallowly you slept during the night and if ever you were half awake.

It also allows you to set an alarm and wakes you when your body is in its lightest stage of sleep which prevents that "I haven't slept" feeling when you wake.

It's super easy to use too. All you do is set an alarm and lie it screen down on your mattress uncovered. That's it.

Easy as pie

6. Koala

This app also links into sleep aid.

If you tend to use your phone right before bed and find that you struggle sleeping afterwards because your mind feels too awake then this app is perfect for you.

Koala uses special lighting to block the "blue light" that radiates off your phone and makes your brain over active. So if you feel like a late night web crawl or need to check your emails before bed, do it through the Koala browser so your mind doesn't go into overdrive.

And there you have it. Some of my current top rating iPhone apps that I have on my phone right now. Hopefully you can get some use out of them too or just relate to them if you already have them!


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