Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Current "Bucket List"

I've decided to do another short, sweet, enjoyable and easy to read post - not that the others aren't, but this one is perfect for that "first glance at your phone" in the morning as you attempt to read one of my articles with one eye still squeezed shut.

This is my current bucket list (as of right this very second - it'll probably change in an hour)

- Attend a Mario Dedivanoic Make Up Seminar
- Meet the Kardashians (And Jenners)
- Travel the Greek Islands
- Visit my family in Italy
- Safari in Africa with my boyfriend
- Holiday in Bora Bora
- Swim with the fish in the Great Barrier Reef
- Take a balloon ride somewhere tropical
- Ride in a helicopter
- Start my own Youtube Channel
- Have a coaching session with Anthony Robbins
- Pick Seth Godin's brains
- Start my own kick ass bikini & lingerie line
- Release a book
- Build my own house
- Hire my own personal make up artist
- Travel to India and volunteer with the dog rescues
- Visit PETA headquarters
- Interview a billionaire
- Bunjee Jump (maybe. I have a massive fear of heights)
- Complete my ultimate make up collection
- Take my Mum to Paris
- Go into Sephora & Mecca and buy one of everything
- Swim with the Dolphins in the wild
- Buy a Range Rover (I've been eyeing one off for too long)
- Road trip around Australia
- Rescue 5 more dogs
- Start a dog rescue shelter
- Start a charity
- Help feed the homeless
- Make a difference in the world
- Spin a globe, point to a place randomly and travel to it


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